What is Rhinoplasty surgery and how to choose the right surgeon to get this surgery?

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    What is Rhinoplasty surgery and how to choose the right surgeon to get this surgery?

    Vizag: These days, several people undergo Rhinoplasty surgery, which is also known as a nose job. This type of surgery is specially designed for those who are not happy with their nose shape or they find difficult to take a breath. 

    What type of problems are treated by a Nose job?

    There are several types of problems that can be treated by a rhinoplasty procedure. These are:

    Deviated Septum

    The septum is explained as a cartilaginous sheet, which separates the left and right both sides of the nose. This is basically straight, but if you are suffering from the bend of the septum, which is known as deviated, then you need to undergo this treatment option. In this condition, it is too difficult to breathe properly from both sides.

    Swollen and Enlarged Turbinates

    The turbinates are described as the humidifiers of the nose, which are basically made of the nasal mucosa. If you are experiencing swollen or enlarged turbinates, then you have to talk to a specialist, so that he can examine you well. This condition is only caused due to environmental factors such as allergies and infections.

    Middle Vault Narrowing or Collapse

    “Collapse is explained as a weakness of the side walls or middle vault of the nose. This condition is usually experienced by sports persons because they need to hold the nasal passages for a long time. So, this type of nose problem is treated with surgical procedures.

    How to choose the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

    To choose the right surgeon for a nose job, you need to understand certain things and must examine whether he has the proper experience or not. Here are some things on which you have to focus to choose the right surgeon. These are-:

    • You have to check whether he has valid experience or qualifications to perform the surgery.
    • You also check all the facilities in the clinic, because you have to spend some time there in the clinic.
    • You also need to check the behavior of the surgeon as well as staff members too, as they will also treat you. If they are rude in communication, then you must choose another one to get a nose job.
    • You also get information about the surgeon or clinic from nearby people.

    What about the cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure?

    Well, the cost of this surgical procedure depends on several components such as-:

    • The surgeon’s fees
    • The facilities which are offered by the surgeon or clinic to you.
    • The type of surgery or as per your nose condition.
    • The location of the clinic in which you choose you to get the surgery.