हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट के बाद रूसी की समस्या क्यों आती है और इसके लिए क्या करें ?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट के बाद रूसी की समस्या क्यों आती है और इसके लिए क्या करें ?

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट सर्जरी का चयन करने के बाद कुछ लोगों को बालों की सतह पर जलन, खुजली और रूसी जैसी समस्या का अगर सामना करना पड़ रहा है तो इससे बचाव के लिए उन्हें क्या करना चाहिए साथ ही ये समस्या क्यों होती है इसके बारे में आज के लेख में चर्चा करेंगे ; डैंड्रफ […]

भारत में चमकदार चेहरे की सर्जरी को करवाने में कितना खर्चा आता है ?

चमचमाता चेहरा आज के समय में कौन नहीं चाहता हर व्यक्ति इसकी चाहत जरूर से रखता है खास कर महिलाएं। तो वहीं इस सर्जरी का चयन क्या महिलाओं को अपने चेहरे पर करना चाहिए या नहीं या अगर चेहरे को अच्छा बनाने के लिए वो इस सर्जरी का चयन कर भी रहीं है तो उन्हें […]

What is Laser Hair Removal and its Benefits

Body hair can be bothersome for many people. You have to remove it by waxing or shaving continuously. It can be time-consuming and tiring. If you also suffer from this condition, You can get the best laser hair removal in Vizag. The service is quick and causes minimum pain. You will have full hair removal […]

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery and How Much Does It Cost You?

 Breast Augmentation Surgery This surgery is also called breast implant surgery. This surgery is performed worldwide, including in India. This surgery is done to enhance the size of the breasts. That is why many women opt for Breast Augmentation in Vizag. This surgery helps them boost their confidence. This surgery uses various methods to enhance […]

Journey of hair transplant surgery after 3 month

A hair transplant is an advanced technology used to grow hair on your head. A hair transplant is the best option if you have baldness and thin hair. If you want to restore your hair, you can visit a well known clinic for Hair Transplant. It is one of the best techniques available that result […]

Want To Get Your Nose Corrected? Rhinoplasty is the Best Solution For You

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How are plastic surgeons different from cosmetic surgeons?

Any type of skin treatment or moreover if you say transformation is better as plastic surgeons perform different types of surgeries to enhance the appearance of the face and other body parts. Also sometimes it is needed in medical procedures as well. Before finding a Plastic Surgeon in Ludhiana keep these things in mind. And […]

Change Your Diet And Lifestyle To Maintain Healthy Growth Of Hair

We all know that there are many roots (No Pun Intended!) for the hair loss problem. However, most often than not, the biggest reason for baldness and hairfall treatment in Andhra Pradesh is malnutrition and even a lack of minerals or vitamins. Did you know that your hair follicles require high nutrients to stay healthy […]

How Can Laser Therapy Benefit You In Your Appearance

You can improve your appearance after a hair transplant with the help of Laser Therapy. It helps in killing the cells responsible for hair loss in your body. Located in the hair follicles, these cells produce DHT, which is detrimental to your hair growth. People opting for Hair Transplant in Vizag always use laser treatment […]