Difference Between Cool Sculpting and Liposuction: Dr. C. Vijay Kumar


Dr. C. Vijay Kumar: In cool sculpting, no recovery time is mandatory. It takes around one hour to complete one session. If you want to achieve better results, then you have to take some more sessions over several weeks. You are going to notice beginning outcomes of the first session soon. Some masses observe the complete outcomes of this procedure in around three months after their last session of the procedure.

CoolSculpting procedure:

CoolSculpting is explained as a non-invasive treatment which is also called cryolipolysis. In this procedure, the doctor determinates the extra fat cells from the bottom of skin without any surgery. During the session of Cool Sculpting, surgeon prefers the specific equipment which clinches down and cools the fat roll at certain freezing temperature. After the treatment, the body of the patient destroys the dead fat cells and frozen cells through the liver naturally. The final results appear in front of the patient within a few months after treatment.

CoolSculpting is explained as a nonsurgical procedure that means surgeons are going to perform recovery without any cutting, stitching and anesthetizing.


Most individuals prefer only one session of this procedure to see the desired consequences. Surgeons take approximately 2 hours to perform surgery and the surgery time depends upon the size of the treated area. Surgeons perform this surgery as day procedure that is an outpatient procedure. The patients is going to recover in normally few days. For long lasting results, you have to follow all the recommendations and the guidelines provided by the surgeons. It includes wearing of prescribed bandages and avoids physical activities for some days. The complete recovery time includes several months to see better results.

 Liposuction procedure:

Liposuction is explained as an invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon cut the skin and applies stitches as well as use of general anesthesia.

A surgeon creates a small cut with the help of long and narrow suction equipment, which is called a cannula to extinct fat from a specific portion of the body.

 Comparing Liposuction & CoolSculpting results:-

The outcomes of both the treatments are very similar. Both procedures are used to remove unwanted fat from the specific body parts like chin, arms, thighs and chin. It is not performed to reduce weight. Both treatments are considered to be effective to remove fat. Both procedures can improve the appearance of skin.


  • CoolSculpting is explained as a noninvasive procedure in which side effects are minor.
  • Sometimes patients might experience short-term bruising or skin sensitivity after the CoolSculpting procedure. Side effects get disappear within a few weeks.
  • Liposuction is explained as an invasive surgery that is done with anesthesia. Side effects include clots of blood clots, anesthesia bad impacts and other serious complications.
  • If you are pregnant or heart patient or have a blood clot then you should avoid liposuction surgery.


What are the benefits of undergoing the procedure of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: Rhinoplasty surgery or Nose correction Cosmetic surgery is also referred to as a nose job. With this, the nose shape is changed by modifying the cartilage or bone. 

Types: Rhinoplasty Surgery or Nose correction

  • A change in size
  • Straightening of the bridge
  • A change in angle
  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Reshaping of the tip

So, you are planning to undergo the treatment of rhinoplasty. Make sure you seek the help of the best surgeon as they will let you know about the entire procedure and help you get reliable results. This is the reason, the demand for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Vizag at our clinic is increasing.


Benefits of getting Rhinoplasty surgery

The procedure of rhinoplasty help you get a certain type of benefits:

  • Gain confidence

The most important benefit of getting the treatment is that it helps to improve confidence which is like a great motivator.

  • Fixing the broken nose

Unfortunately, you had a fall or met with an accident in which you got your nose broken or there is nasal deformity. This can affect the functionality and appearance of the nose and also increase the pain.

  • Breathing is improved

At the time, individuals deal with the problem of breathing issues. You will be surprised to know that rhinoplasty can also fix this problem effectively.

  • Revision procedure

In some cases, one surgery might not have solved the problem or the outcome was not the best. It might happen because you did not choose the best surgeon or did not take proper care. This is the reason, the revision procedure is needed.

  • Sinus problem

Facing problems breathing, congested feeling, and severe headaches. In all these conditions undergoing nose surgery can solve your problem.

  • Snoring

Snoring can create disruption but it does is not taken seriously and it might be something serious. This thing can affect your relationship and also sleep quality. Rhinoplasty surgery can solve this issue also.

  • Rectify the birth defects

Sometimes at the time of birth is defect like underdevelopment, lump, or masses in the nose. It will be a life-changing movement to get the birth defects corrected.

  • Increased job prospect

When your confidence is increased, eventually it will help you get a better job as you better about yourself which will increase your performance also. Having a younger and attractive personality will help you get promotions and appraisal reviews.

  • Restoring the facial symmetry

The surgery is a very effective choice as it can address the issue of a crooked nose, bulbous (fat) tip of the nose or miss-shaped nose.

  • Bullying

Studies have shown that many students get bullied because of their looks. Some parents are letting their child opt for cosmetic surgery to get the problem fixed as it can help them.


No Pain & No Scar Hair Loss Treatment Visakhapatnam

Hair loss has become one of the most common problems in India these days and that among all kinds and it is one of the issues that people often talk to each other about. There have been times when you need to think a lot about it to use either wig and due to the lack of areas that can more define this problem. Hair loss can happen to anyone and these days it is often seen in most of teenagers.

The reasons behind this can be many and should be resolved as soon as possible. Hair loss is one of the conditions which can affect the overall condition of the body in a negative way. Hair loss depends upon many of the reasons and our lifestyle has become sedentary that we do not like to do anything and be mundane.

More about it

The whole process is very dedicated and requires long options to get about post-transplant care. The kind of implants that are done which require proper care throughout the whole recovery is essential to have. It becomes the duty and responsibility of the patient to maintain a healthy environment as well as the cost is affordable as compared to other treatments.

Hair loss is a concern in many people and for the last few years, the technology has changed so much in every field that the tips which are needed for you to maintain are healthy and look like to create a long-lasting effect that can help the people for their future.

Haircare tips

There have been many tips which we have to follow for daily hair care and we should have a routine for it. Also, the meal plays an important role because unless you include a healthy diet in your lifestyle, you would not be able to find the perfect hair transformation. And it is also true that if you want healthy hair which is free from any kind of issues then you can go for the different surgeries which are available in the market these days. It is easy to approach and also you have to maintain it from time to time.

It has been a concern in many people’s points of view and plays a significant role. You should use some of the natural products and hair transplant solutions generally include dedicated cosmetic treatments such as eyebrow and eyelash transplant. It can have an impact on the overall body. Sometimes you need to undergo many treatments based upon the requirement or sometimes the précised results which are must to have as far as this hair transplantation is concerned.

About local Anesthesia which can be used in the Hair Transplant Surgery

All the hair transplant and maximum of the restoration centre claim that their goal is to achieve a case in which the delivery is done successfully.w They sometimes have to use hair transplant techniques in which many kinds of treatments have to be used such as FUT and FUE. On the other hand it is also true that during both of types of treatment doctors explain the process of local anaesthesia during a live hair transplant surgery.

About the wand

The wand is a computer oriented which is controlled by itself and the delivery system of anaesthesia. Also by administering the local anaesthesia is a thing which usually works very slow and has an impact likewise. The type of discomfort associated with the injection is limited.

The injection is made with a very small needle. It is being said that any kind of local anaesthesia agents may be used and with the usage of the wand is important as far as the implementation is concerned. The length of the block is then determined by which local aesthetic and for a bit longer time it has been postponed for the effective results.

About the Transcript

When you are just going to give somebody the local anaesthesia to be makes them feel unconscious, so actually the doctors use the best techniques possible to manage the dentistry. It becomes easy for it to be handled and controlling the most accurate rate of injection.

It is very essential to handle the proper and exact right timing of the injection to be given because there have been many cases in the past that due to the wrong choice of this and the wrong timing patients had to suffer a lot and the blocking can be happened at the regular intervals.

There are a number of times it is seen that nerves get blocked due to this as it is very painful activity. In addition to this you should be aware about the fact that blocking of such nerves later on can lead to the adverse effects on the body and also can cause severe problems. The whole scene depends upon the doctors that how they carry out the entire procedure with such responsibility.

One and two cases have been seen that due to the carelessness of some of the senior doctors the patients had to suffer a lot in terms of bad treatment. It adversely affected their boy and completely ruined the treatment. After that the side effects that they had to bear were really horrible.

That is why it is always recommended that you should go to the best doctor to consult about your health because it is essential to deal with our health with utmost safety.