What are the topmost cosmetic surgery options performed on the breasts?

Let’s understand some of the topmost cosmetic surgery for breasts which have become popular in 2020:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as augmentation mammoplasty which is used to increase the size, appearance, and contour of the woman’s breast. Women choose to consider this surgical procedure for different reasons. Some feel that the breast has changed after pregnancy, some feel it is small, and others want to correct the breast symmetry.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure is performed with implants and it can be replaced under the chest or over it. The incision is placed in the armpit, areola, or lower breast fold. Generally, all of them are minimally invasive procedures.

Where the incision is made, an endoscope is inserted which is a thin tube with a small light and camera.

How breast Implants are made?

Breast implants are made from a silicone shell filled with saline or silicone gel. A woman can choose the desired size by fitting the trial implants. Currently, saline implants are extremely common. On the other hand, silicone gel-filled implants are banned by the FDA.

The augmentation procedure is simple and your surgeon will let you know about the risk factors included with it. You must inform the doctor about your expectations but make sure they are realistic. Consulting the board-certified plastic surgeon is going to help you get the best results.

 Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is used by women who have large and heavy breasts. It can result in discomfort, back, and neck pain. In some cases, there can be weakness and numbness.

How is the procedure performed?

During the procedure excess fat, skin, and breast tissue are removed. Following the surgery, breast reduction can result in a change in breast sensation along with that woman is not able to breastfeed. Following the surgery, women find relief with the pain and discomfort.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed in women who choose to undergo mastectomy for breast cancer treatment. This procedure is going to create a breast with the desired contour, appearance, and volume you want.

The contour, volume, and appearance of the breast will be recreated with implants or with the help of a woman’s tissue. If the implant is used, then its size is to match the opposite side of the breast.

The breast can be created again with the help of a woman’s tissue. At times, the lower abdominal wall can be used. In some cases, surgery is required on the normal breast to create symmetry with the breast newly constructed.

Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)

In some cases, women are not able to support the breast weight and this can make the breast sag. With this condition is known as ptosis, the skin is too much compared with the breast tissue. The excess skin is removed which helps to give it a lift. Different surgical techniques are included in it and your doctor is going to tell you which one will suit you the best. If you have any doubt, then book your consultation today only.

Difference between breast augmentation, breast implant, and a breast lift?

What is Breast augmentation?

Visakhapatnam: Breast augmentation and breast implants are 2 names but they are the same procedure. In the procedure, silicone or saline implant is placed on the breast which helps in enhancing the shape, size, and volume. With this option, the fat transfer option is also included but the option is not that common.

Who can get the Breast augmentation procedure?

  • FDA has approved that breast implants are for healthy patients who meet the age requirements.

– Saline implants: Patients age 18

– Silicone implants: Patients age 22

  • The procedure is very helpful for the patient who wishes to increase the breast size overall. Also, patients can opt for this who want shape or volume enhancements. In case women gave birth or lose weight significantly then this surgery is best to restore lost fullness.

Final results

The results depend on various factors like shape, size, and material you select for implants as well as with your body shape. The final results will be fuller breasts, perkier along with breast look appealing and symmetrical.

After the surgery, many women say that the clothes and bras fit better. This means they can get a long-lasting effect which helps in improving self-confidence.

What is Breast lift?

Breast lift surgery does not contain implants. In case the surgeon will manipulate the breast tissues so that the breasts gets tight and lifted. This helps in giving a natural contour to the breasts and this improves the dropping, sagging, or mild asymmetry which can occur due to age, illness, or pregnancy.

Who can undergo the procedure?

The procedure is very beneficial for women who want to restore the natural look of the breasts. The procedure is not effective in adding volume but it helps in giving a natural look and feel. The option is best when women have natural breast tissues naturally.

Final results

The final results with this procedure are subtle and natural as compared to the implant procedure. The procedure is very effective as it gives the perky and firm breasts. However, this procedure is very effective in increasing the breast fullness of the cup size is increased which only implants do.

Is it possible to get a breast lift and breast implant?

The procedure is becoming very popular as they choose to combine breast lift and breast augmentation. Combining the procedure is very effective for women who have given birth. The procedure is very effective for mothers who have faced volume or shape loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The procedure works effectively in giving fullness and perkiness breasts.

Choosing the right procedure

knowing which procedure is going to work effectively will be difficult to see the desired results. Make sure you consult the surgeon regarding the details about the procedure. They will tailor the treatment according to your needs as they keep in mind the patient’s problem. Book your appointment to know more.

Recovery tips to be kept in mind following the breast reduction surgery

Planning to undergo breast reduction surgery or recently you got the treatment. No doubt, it can be quite a relief because large breasts can cause neck and back pain. 

Lie down in Proper position

For several months swelling is very common and due to this, it is possible that you are not able to see the results. The swelling will be reduced in the way you sleep and sit. 

For the first weeks, it is best to keep the chest elevated. You should chest area lifted by placing pillows under the torso. When you sit, the chest should be up and sit on the recliner chair or sit on the chair in an upright position. In the night, to avoid flipping you should put pillows on both sides.

If you are planning to get Breast Reduction Surgery in Vizag then you should consult our surgeon for the best treatment plan.

Make sure to choose the right kind of bra

You need to wear a compression garment to keep the swelling down. Once the bandages are removed you need to wear a supportive bra. The bra will keep the breast in position even when you go to bed you should wear it.

For the first weeks of the surgery, you should not wear the underwire bra as it might irritate the incision or create sores.

Handling the discomfort and pain

Following the surgery, there will be pain and discomfort. Every patient handles the pain in a different manner. The doctor will give you the medications which can prove beneficial in giving you relief.

Physical activity should be minimum

The first week after the surgery, you should keep the physical activity normal. You should also do short walks and avoid intense workouts for at least 4 weeks. 1 to 2 weeks after the surgery you can get back to your work routine.

Taking bath after the surgery

Following the surgery to take a bath can be challenging. It would be better to take sponge baths so that the incisions do not get wet. The surgeon will let you know when you can take a shower. As you are not advised to lift the hands so to shampoo the hair can be tricky. In that case, it would be best to fix an appointment with your hairstylist.

Eat simple food and increase the intake of water

Eating the right kind of food after surgery. There is no need to eat junk food or food which has a high content of fat in it. You need to eat food which has a lot of nutrients and sodium in it. You should increase the intake of water as it helps in reducing the swelling.

Why some men in vizag are asking for breast-reduction surgery (Gynaecomastia)

We often see men who have a chest which seems much like that of a woman. It is known as gynecomastia. The condition is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It is found in men in varying degrees. About 50 -70 % of men are found to be suffering from it in various degrees.


The main reason seems to be a hormonal imbalance. We are born with both the male and female hormones. They are in balance according to the gender of the patient. The male hormones are dominant in men while the female hormones are dominant in women.

The condition may also be triggered by some medicines or marijuana consumption. While the condition may get rectified on its own in many cases, it may require treatment in other cases. Some cases might benefit from medicines but many cases need surgery. Gynecomastia surgery in Vizag is readily available for such patients.



While the presence of female-like breasts in the chest area is the most common symptom, one might also see secretion from the chest area. This might happen due to overproduction of estrogen(a female hormone) or underproduction of androgen (a male hormone)


If exercise, dieting and lifestyle changes don’t help, then the person has to opt for gynecomastia surgery. The surgery is an outpatient procedure and the patient can resume his daily routine within a day or two.

Traditional treatment

The surgeons used a primitive liposuction technique to remove the fat from the breasts. Sometimes excess skin was also removed to present a firm and flat chest. The procedure had many drawbacks as it resulted in frequent infections, bleeding and skin injury. Patients also reported numbness which lasted for a long time. The surgery left permanent scars on the chest in the nipple area.

Liposuction  Using ultrasound

This type of surgery is one of the latest methods to treat gynecomastia. It makes use of the ultrasound system to break and liquefy fat which can be expelled with an aspirator. Then the doctor uses a scalpel to make incisions just below the nipples and through the armpits. Thin metal probes are used to break the fat tissue. After the emulsification of the fat, it is sucked through a rubber tube and drained into a plastic container. It is followed by surgical removal of unwanted breast tissue. After that, the surgeon stitches up the chest. The surgery is painful but it all numbs out under the effect of anesthesia.

After the surgery

Some scarring will be there due to the incisions. The scars will fade away gradually with time. You may experience a little pain and swelling at the points where incisions were made. The patient is advised not to undertake any strenuous physical activity for some days as it might put stress on his chest.

Explain some important facts about getting a Breast Reduction surgery?

The breast reduction procedure is designed for those ladies who are suffering from excess fat around their breasts. In addition, if you are struggling to get rid of the large breast then you must go through breast reduction surgery in Vizag.

In order to get breast reduction surgery in Vizag, you should understand the facts related to breast reduction in a medical procedure.

Here are several facts which are explained below:

Anyone can get this breast reduction procedure.

There is no such limit of this breast reduction surgery because every lady who wants to improve her appearance are eligible for this type of surgery. If you are still in doubt, you must talk to your doctor first who you have chosen for the treatment.

Easy and simple procedure

This is a totally simple and easy process which takes very less time as compared to other breast reduction treatments. You will be able to go back to your home the same day of the procedure because this too secure and safe procedure which does not need any type of observation.

Includes the breast lift

This breast reduction surgery includes the breast lift as well. This is not only useful to reduce your enlarged breast but also useful to lift your breast. In addition, breast reduction produce is explained as the removal of breast tissue so that you can get the best shape and results.

It results in scarring

Breast reduction surgery sometimes result in scarring, no doubt even you experience the minimal scars but they are noticeable. Moreover, patients who already took this treatment are those who reveal this truth and fact about breast reduction.

Breast reduction surgery might change the capability to breastfeed

It is a good idea to talk to your doctor first if you really want to get the best results. But a recent study reveals that breast reduction surgery may change your ability to breastfeed. Moreover, but this will not happen in every patient, additionally, this is the only experience by few persons.

The cost of breast reduction is covered by insurance

If you are unable to afford the cost of breast reduction then you must talk to your doctor. He will suggest you some insurance companies which will offer you the coverage of the cost of surgery. So don’t worry about the charges and cost, you will be able to get the right treatment without much stress.

This is useful for any age ladies

This is the type of cosmetic surgery which is useful for each age group. Women of old age also get this treatment in order to improve the appearance of their breast. Moreover, you have to give extra care to the treated area so that you can get the best results with minimal or no side effects.

It wasn’t easy, but my Parents Had to Come to Terms with My Breast Reduction Surgery

When you peruse through the social media, you will find jawbreaking pictures of women with big breasts. It isn’t bad at all to have oversized breasts as long as you derive pride or comfort from them, but the load tends to be heavy for the counterparts. Having these big breasts or disproportionately large breasts is definitely another burden a female has to bear every single day. Apart from feeling a load in your chest, you have to endure the pain that these large breasts trigger in the neck, back, and shoulders. To make matters worse, you have to struggle with your public image, appearance, bra grooves, and embarrassments. And so, what is the way forward? –‘breast reduction surgery’

In an effort to find an ultimate solution for my big breasts, I had to take time to understand what a breast reduction surgery can do or what it can’t do. I was pretty amazed that a majority of its candidates are aged in the twenties and then onwards. In fact, a number of women, including celebrities have undergone breast reduction treatment in India for either medical or cosmetic reasons.

My Research about Breast Reduction Surgeries

At the age of 21, my heart yearned for freedom, yes, an ultimate solution for my heavy, painful, and embarrassing breasts. However, the biggest obstacle appeared to be my parents. I imagined how I could walk up to them and tell them that I needed a breast reduction surgery. Some modern parents are pretty easy or understanding, but telling them about a breast reduction surgery could seem like you are not okay with what you genetically got from them and so on. With that, I had to learn more about this surgery and in case of any questions; I could be able to convince them.

What I Got!

A breast reduction surgery works by removing the excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. It is a personalized procedure, meaning that the surgeon has to opt for a unique approach in order to produce the desired goals. The nipple is normally repositioned and any other possible changes are made to serve one’s interests. It is an outpatient procedure and drains are introduced into the body. The entire procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia.

Meeting the Cosmetic Surgeon

I believe that cosmetic surgeons are doctors who actually understand the psychological toll associated with big breasts. However, I had to be certain of the surgeon in order to escape the associated risks. With the help of a few friends, we found the best cosmetic surgeon in Visakhapatnam. During a discussion, I was open and had to spill every emotional and physical pain I had to bear for that long. As a professional surgeon, a number of questions were posed and I believe that was a test I had to pass in order to undergo the surgery.

With the fact that I was still in my parents’ hands, the surgeon desired to meet my parents to help them understand my situation in case it was required. This relieved me of a lot of pressure and was finally in front of my parents.

The Meeting with My Parents!

I was pretty nervous about their retaliation since I am their only girl-child, but had to face the fact. Once they heard this, my mother became still and my father silent as the dawn. I was ready for an argument in order to convince them, but that could add another level of stress since they are my parents. ‘Have you been depressed with your breasts’, was the question my mother posed. With that, I openly told them the way I felt and lastly agreed to have my back.