Breast reduction surgery - Eligibility criteria, Benefits and mechanism

Breast reduction surgery – Eligibility criteria, Benefits and mechanism

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    Breast reduction surgery – Eligibility criteria, Benefits and mechanism

    The breast size of all the women is completely different from one another. The ideal breast size should neither be so small that it attacks your self-esteem nor it should be too large that it creates a hurdle for you to perform the daily activities. So if you are bothered with any of the situations of either the enlarged breasts or the small breasts, then you can take up the breast augmentation and the breast reduction procedure respectively.

    In today’s blog post, we are only going to discuss breast reduction surgery.

    How does the breast reduction surgery help to get the ideal size?

    The accumulation of the excess fatty tissues or cells leads to an increment in the size of the breasts. Thus the breast reduction surgery aims at getting rid of the stubborn fatty tissues that do not respond to the changes in the diet and the lifestyle.

    What are the requirements to become an eligible candidate for the surgery?

    There are no such hard and fast eligibility criteria for the women who want to undergo this treatment. But yes! Most importantly, women are required to be in good health. Along with that, she should not be having any unrealistic expectations.

    Important information

    There is no such age bar to undergo the surgery. Teenage girls can also undergo this surgery. But it’s better to wait until the girl is 18. As her body gains more energy to get rehabilitated.

    What are the benefits of undergoing the bars reduction surgery?

    The breast reduction surgery may help you with the following:

    • With the enlarged breasts, the women are sure to get bothered with persistent back pain. So undergoing breast reduction surgery will help you thoroughly.
    • You can gain the ideal posture for your body with the surgical procedure which got deteriorated owing to the enlarged breasts.
    • Wearing a bra when your breasts are too large can cause you to suffer from the indentations of the bar straps. This is the biggest relief that every woman with enlarged breasts sought.
    • The sagging and the large size breasts make you irritated when you are on the hilly journey as the movement of the breasts make you suffer from pain.
    • The enlarged breasts may make you embarrass while having sex. So the surgery can also benefit you to enjoy those special moments.

    How much of the fatty tissue is extracted from the body?

    About 200 to 400 grams of excessive fat get deposited in the breasts which are usually removed from the body. But in the rarest and the extreme cases, this deposit may get raised to 700 to 800 grams.

    Are breast lifts and breast reductions the same?

    The procedure and the motive of both the surgeries are the same Both of this help to achieve the following:

    • Breast reshaping
    • Breast size-reduction
    • Breast contouring

    Bottom Line

    Several factors are responsible to find out how much of the tissue is to be removed from the breasts. Usually, the size of the breasts along with the blood supply to the nipple is accounted for before strategising the plan for excessive breast fat removal.