What you need to consider while planning for breast reduction surgery?

What you need to consider while planning for breast reduction surgery?

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    What you need to consider while planning for breast reduction surgery?


    With medical advancement, it has made it possible for women with large breasts to get their size reduced. Breast reduction surgery is in huge demand among women, as it helps to lift off the huge weight from their chest and they feel comfortable.

    Moreover, the large breast can even result in neck and back pain, & women have trouble doing exercise. Not only that, but they have trouble finding their favorite clothing items, and the bra strap results in excess pain. This is where breast reduction surgery is a highly beneficial procedure and it does not even have any risks. No doubt, it is your personal preference whether you want to undergo this procedure or not.

    In this blog, we are going to highlight the factors which you should consider while planning to get breast reduction surgery.

    Factors to consider while planning for breast reduction surgery

    • Boost in self-esteem

    Most of the women you will come across who have chosen this option, we always say have a sudden boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. Research has even shown that women’s physical health is improved with this surgery. Around 95% of the patients always say they are grateful that they opted for this surgical method.

    • You need to take it slow

    No doubt, the procedure in itself is highly beneficial. The surgery takes around 3 hours and depending on your condition, you might go home on the same day or the next morning. But, after the surgery, you will feel tired and sore. To recover from the surgery, you need to take it slow, so that the healing goes easily. Although, you need to keep yourself active and move regularly. The initial few weeks might be tough but the results are worth it.

    • The doctor will determine what is best

    You must keep your expectations realistic. Sometimes a woman wants one or 2 cup sizes down, but that is not possible. This is because of the breast size and composition. During the initial consultation, the doctor will determine what is best for you, so make sure to do what the doctor says.

    During the surgery, the excess tissues & skin is removed to get the smaller breast size. Apart from that, the nipple size is moved up which eventually gives it a lift.

    The best part of this surgery is that incision wounds are placed on the bottom of the breast, which makes it not visible. When you choose the best surgeon, he will make sure the incisions are precisely placed so that there is no problem.

    • Decreased nipple sensation

    Right after the surgery, the nipples feel numb and the sensation is also lost. Although, it happens temporarily and within 1 or 2 months it will come back. You should talk to the surgeon and clear your concern on this aspect.

    Take the right first step

    You need to begin, by consulting the surgeon who is board-certified and has the expertise to perform the surgery. Book your initial consultation, for detailed information.