Hair Transplant and PRP Therapy

The Benefits of PRP in Hair Transplant Recovery and Regrowth

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be upsetting and influence an individual’s confidence. Hair transplant surgery has become progressively well-known in recent years as a solution to baldness or diminishing hair. However, the outcome of a hair transplant doesn’t only rely upon the actual surgery; post-operative consideration is significant. One such post-operative therapy that can expand the results […]

What is hair restoration? Which methods are used to trigger the best results?

It is a well-known fact that overall appearance creates an impact whenever we visit for a job interview. Ut hair loss patients have not only lost their hair but they have lost their self-esteem and confidence as well. For this reason, we have committed to making the hair loss patients regain the lost confidence by […]

How Can Hair Transplant Assist and What Is The Grade Of Baldness?

Why You Need a Hair Restoration Procedure

Hundreds of patients have received the greatest hair transplant solutions, with a hair transplant clinic offering the greatest hair density and natural results. Patients with different degrees of baldness seeking a solution to their hair loss are commonly seen. The severity of baldness is important in deciding several factors about the Hair transplant in vizag. […]

India: The Impact of Hair Transplants on Men’s Youthful Appearance

How Hair Transplants Can Make Men Look Younger

India: As men age, hair loss can essentially affect their self-confidence and overall appearance. However, advancements in cosmetic surgery have prepared for a remarkable solution: hair transplants. Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre, a leading clinic for hair transplant in Vizag, India offers transformative procedures that can assist men with recovering a youthful […]

Is it safe to dye hair after a few days of hair transplant surgery?

Types of hair transplant Surgery and how to perform

A hair transplant helps to regrow healthy and permanent hair. A hair transplant is the most effective and permanent solution for hair loss problems, such as baldness and hair thinning. To get an effective Hair Transplant in Vizag, get in touch with a well-known hair clinic. A hair transplant is a procedure in which hair […]

Everything you need to know about hair transplant training


Hair Transplant Training Under Professionals Hair loss is one of the serious concerns among men and women that need to be addressed on time. There are different reasons for hair loss like stress, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, genetics, and much more. Being a major concern, individuals look for the top-rated Hair clinic in Vizag to […]

Let’s Discuss 3 Different Procedures For Hair Transplantation


One of the primary issues that concern a lot of people is hair loss, especially for men. There are various factors that might cause severe hair loss issues, including aging, hormonal changes, trauma such as burns, and family history. In most cases, we have noticed that the earlier hair loss starts, the more extreme it […]

How is donor hair harvested through the use of hair transplant?


Hair transplant surgery is one of the ideal ways of restoring hair follicles. The process through which hair transplant is done addresses the condition in the right way. Hair grafts transplanted during the treatment are going to grow in the desired region for a lifetime. Through the Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam, you will be at […]

Essential Measures You Should Take After Hair Transplant Surgery


Have you thought about getting a hair transplant? If you have then obviously you are on the right track to save your hair locks. It’s one of the ultimate treatment options which is gaining attention because of how advanced and effective it is. Being a modern approach to hair restoration and how it has to […]

What are Bald Spots? How are these caused? How can these get treated?

PRP Treatment – Non Surgical Solution for Hair Restoration

Overview No matter wherever the bald spots show up (Scalp, Beard or Brow), these are always caused by the medical condition which is known as the alopecia areata. According to the cosmetic surgeons who carry out the Hair transplant in Vizag, “ Spot baldness is considered as one of the disorders concerning the autoimmune system, […]