Types of hair transplant surgery and how to perform

Is it safe to dye hair after a few days of hair transplant surgery?

Types of hair transplant Surgery and how to perform

A hair transplant helps to regrow healthy and permanent hair. A hair transplant is the most effective and permanent solution for hair loss problems, such as baldness and hair thinning. To get an effective Hair Transplant in Vizag, get in touch with a well-known hair clinic.

A hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles are assembled and transplanted to the balding or hair-thinning area. Contact a top-rated Hair clinic in Vizag for an effective hair transplant.

Is dying hair after a hair transplant safe?

After hair transplant treatment, doctors suggest to wait at least 4 to 5 weeks before dying your hair because dye includes some harsh chemicals, like peroxides and bleaching agents, which can cause damage to your scalp and newly transplanted hair follicles. However, after 4 to 5 weeks of hair transplant treatment, the incision area heals completely, which means using hair dye on transplanted hair is safe.

The newly transplanted hair starts growing after 3 to 4 months from hair transplant surgery. To apply the dye, you have to wait for a much time. It would be best to use hair dye or colour on transplanted hair only after new hair grows.

What to do after hair transplant surgery


  • Ensure that your scalp is always dry
  • Wash your hair softly
  • Comb your hair calmly
  • Follow the given instruction

What do you mean by a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgery in which hair follicles are collected and transplanted from one place to another on the scalp where balding or bald spots are. It is also known as hair restoration treatment. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are the experts who perform hair transplant surgeries.

Types of hair transplant surgery


It is the most regular known type of transplant. A surgeon cuts the tiny pieces of the scalp that contains healthy hair. People called these graft hair plugs. The grafting procedure requires a long time period and most people stay awake during the whole surgery.

Scalp reduction

In a scalp reduction treatment, a surgeon removes a tiny area of bald skin; they also lose the nearby skin which has healthy hair and pull it over the bald spots. Scalp reduction is beneficial if bald regions are on the top or back of the head.

Flap surgery

Flap surgery is for those people who have large bald areas. Flap surgery is done in various phases and requires over a week. In flap surgery, a surgeon makes cuts on sides of the donor site, and this method helps to cut the flap and lift it over bald areas.

How is hair restoration and replacement beneficial?

  • Healthy and fuller hair
  • Enhance a person’s appearance
  • Permanent hair loss solution

Hair plays an essential role in improving our overall personality. A person with healthy and natural hair looks more attractive and unique. A hair transplant is a way to enhance your appearance and to have healthy and natural hair. For an effective hair transplant, contact Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre.