Let’s Discuss 3 Different Procedures For Hair Transplantation

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    Let’s Discuss 3 Different Procedures For Hair Transplantation

    One of the primary issues that concern a lot of people is hair loss, especially for men. There are various factors that might cause severe hair loss issues, including aging, hormonal changes, trauma such as burns, and family history. In most cases, we have noticed that the earlier hair loss starts, the more extreme it will be.

    What Is Hair Transplantation?

    In hair transplantation, the surgeon takes some parts of the scalp that are bald-resistant and transfers them to the bald area or recipient area. The bald-resistant area is also known as the donor site, which is usually on the side or the back of the hair. The transplanted hair will grow throughout the year as it seems to be bald-resistant because of genes or other factors.

    If the surgeon relocates a few hairs per session, that might make the transplanted hair look natural. The reason behind this predominant reason is the fact human hair grows in one or four strands of hair per grouping of follicles.

    Types Of Hair Transplant Techniques

    These are the types of hair transplant solutions you can get at a Hair clinic in Vizag.

    • Follicular YUnit Extraction (FUE)

    It is one of the most recent and popular techniques that surgeon has adopted over time. In this procedure, the doctor transplants the strands of hair from the side or back of the head (donor site) in a group of one to four hairs, as it is the natural process of hair growth. This process mimics natural hair growth. Hence there is a higher chance of getting a better and more natural outcome. Another advantage of this procedure is that it does not involve major or deep cutting leaving behind no scars. Hence the recovery time is short, and the chances of having scars are minimal.

    • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

    It is an older version of FUE. in this technique, the doctor or surgeon retrieves the hair from the back or the side of the clasp. They are also known as donor sites. Unlike the FUE technique, the doctor retrieves a graft together and transplants it back into the recipient area for hair regrowth. As they do not transplant hair one at a time, the results are not as natural as FUE.

    • Scalp reduction

    The doctor rarely performs this type of hair transplantation. The surgeon surgically removes the bald area and then stretches the hair-bearing scalp area. This helps in replacing the part that they moved before. It is undoubtedly a costly procedure that increases the chances of tightening the scalp. This could further lead to hair thinning.

    In case you are thinking of having a hair transplantation procedure. Understanding the kind of coverage you had before your hair loss problem is necessary. Make sure to be realistic while you are deciding the desired outcome. Also, talk to the professional to know which kind of hair transplant solution will suit the hair loss problem the best.

    Final Comments

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