Hair Transplant Training Program

Hair Transplant is becoming a very demanding profession these days. Although it is available throughout the country, the hair transplant cost in India varies from place to place. Our center offers a training program in hair transplants to enhance the knowledge of doctors and technicians. The training undertakes complete and comprehensive understanding on the subject of hair transplant and restoration techniques. The aim of the program is to grant knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the surgery related to hair transplant. It will also cover the various techniques which can be used to perform a hair transplant. It covers each and every aspect related to the transplant right from the basic fundamentals to the postoperative care of the patient. It also sheds light on the use of the right equipment, it’s maintenance and correct way of using it. The hair transplant training in Visakhapatnam, program will also cover the often least discussed topics like record keeping and customer service management. The program provides full training about the surgical process of hair transplant. The program’s duration is generally for a week. The workshop is presided over by esteemed doctors who are well versed in the skill. We look forward to meeting the aspiring medical professionals who want to gain knowledge on the science of hair transplant.

The training program will proceed as follows-
1. Introduction to the basics and overview
2. Case study and various methods of transplantation
3. Introduction to the concepts of the surgery and introduction to the types of equipment that will be used
4. Discussion of FUT and microscopic dissection
5. Discussion of scalp anatomy, anesthesia, donor and recipient site
6. Focus on Slivering methods
7. A roundup on density and graft insertion methods
8. Discussion of alopecia, especially in females
9. Discussion related to post-surgical care, sterilization techniques
10. Final class related to patient evaluation, equipment use, record keeping style and customer service.

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