What are the causes of grey and premature grey hair in both men and women?

What are the causes of grey and premature grey hair in both men and women?

Hair loss is a common hair condition that can only be treated with surgical treatment like hair transplant. However, these days people complain about grey hair or premature grey hair. Hair changing towards grey is clearly a chronic concern and is correlated with getting older. Especially when it happens prematurely, even at 30 years of age often. Well, not everyone experiences grey hair, but the majority of people experience grey hair in old age.

What are the causes of grey hair?

On each individual hair follicle, melanocyte cells can be found. They produce the natural hair coloration called melanin. In blondes less and in black hair more. The hair’s natural shade depends on the proportion of pigment adapters.

Yellow pigments, blond hair-: brown, even dark hair. You may appreciate the beauty of hair because melanin is developed in the hair follicle. Sadly, melanocytes mature over time and are intricately associated with the greying cycle.

Melanocyte coloration is no longer as extreme, their output is irregular, and hence only single grey hair emerges at the beginning. They are free of melanin and take on the keratin fiber color. This time is defined genetically.

Oxidative stress during hair aging

It turns out that oxidative stress is important for your hair. Hair turns gray because hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles is more and more produced over time. Hydrogen peroxide accumulation in hair follicles interferes with melanin synthesis. It inhibits directly, directly.

A decreased activity of the enzyme breaking down, catalase is causing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the levels of MSR A and MSR B hair-capacitating enzymes in hair follicles decrease. The development of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the creation of hair dye melanin in follicles are affected with high levels of hydrogen peroxide, together with low levels of MSR A and MSR B.

What makes premature grey hair?

The first grey hair typically occurs about 35-40 physiologically. However, the issue of premature greying between the ages of 25 and 35 is impacting more and more people. Most of the causes for premature grey hair are listed below as they can be quite complex.


The most prominent source of gray hair issues is hereditary disorders. There is a greater risk that you would be impacted if your parents or relatives have grey hair at an early age.


The higher the stress or tension, the better the risk of health issues. You may exhibit signs of premature greying if you are anxious or vulnerable to stress.

Lifestyle unhealthy-:

Having an unhealthy diet all the time leads you to premature grey hair.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency:

The deficiency significantly affects hair and hair loss: B vitamins (mainly B12), biotin, folly acid, pantothenic acid, and aminobenzoic acid, E vitamins. With age, the amount of the body is reduced by a lot of minerals associated with their poorer absorption and frequent occurrence of chronic diseases. In addition: titanium, zinc, copper.

  • Hyperactivity, lack of sleep.

  • Thyroid disease

  • Diabetes