Everyday practices which are the main reasons behind the hair loss

Dr. C Vijay Kumar: Most of us found hair at the back of the shirt, entangled in the comb, on the collar, on the pillow, and maybe at the workplace. You have made countless efforts to make your hair look healthy and strong. 

Using the aggressive method of drying or to comb the hair

You need to know that the hair breaks easily when they are wet. Tying it tightly, brushing, and combing it when they are wet will make them weak from roots and eventually they will fall out. It is also possible that they can get rough. Let them dry naturally.

Using hot water for hair wash

Enjoying a hot bath can be fun, but not at the cost of hair fall. Hot water can make the hair extremely dry and brittle. Preferably use warm water and then move to cool water when you want to rinse then thoroughly. Also, it strips away the natural oil from the scalp.

In case, the problem of hair fall is increasing at a fast pace then you need to seek the help of the doctor. You can consult our doctor for Hair Transplant in Vizag as it permanent solution for the hair loss issue.

Enjoying tight hairstyles

Hairstyles change quite often and they also include tight braids. This can affect the hair follicles from the roots which are not ideal for the scalp. If you pull them very tightly they will get damaged. Also, make sure while sleeping you never tie them tightly.

Neglecting the oil massage

At times, people do not prefer applying oil on the scalp because of its smell or it seems tacky. Well, in that case, you need to work on your hair care regime as soon as possible. Use coconut, amla, or olive oil as they provide nourishment to the hair follicles. Do this at least twice a week as they improve blood circulation in the scalp.

Use of hair styling tools Regularly

When hair is exposed to heat in excess, then it can create a lot of problems. A blow dryer or other heat styling products should be limited. Keep them at the lowest settings to reduce hair damage.

Use of cheap hair products

No doubt, the market is filled with hair products and getting something at a reasonable price is liked by everyone. But, what if after its usage the hair get affected or damaged. Make sure you get the products of trusted brands only. Additionally, the styling gels and sprays should be used only when it is required, otherwise, they make the hair sticky and stiff.

Not taking your diet properly

At times, because of the hectic schedule, we even force ourselves to skip our meals. But, this is neither good for health nor for the hair. This is going to make even everything worse. The hair should get the right amount of protein and essential nutrients.


Explain the best and effective cosmetic procedure to deal with hair loss

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: Hair loss has become very common in both men and women. The most prominent reason is genetics and around 95% of cases are because of alopecia.

A possible factor leading to hair loss

  • There are some medications, minerals, and vitamins which trigger the hair loss problem. Drugs used for treating blood pressure, depression, heart problems, chemotherapy treatment, low level of iron, high level of vitamin A, or birth control pills.
  • For some women, hair loss occurs on a temporary basis when they are pregnant. Some children face the problem of trichotillomania which is referred to as pulling the hair from the scalp, eyelashes, or eyebrows.

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or any type of hair loss then it is essential that you seek help from the doctor. Looking for the best and reliable treatment plan then you should visit our surgeon for the best Cosmetic surgery in Vizag.
Effective treatment options

If the problem is permanent then the doctor will suggest your hair replacement procedures like hair transplantation and scalp reduction. 

Candidate for Treatment

  • Men with male-pattern baldness
  • A person lost hair due to burns or scalp problems.
  • Women with female-pattern (genetic) hair loss
  • People recently experienced hair loss

Common Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair Grafting

Hair grafting is an outpatient procedure. Micro grafts have only one to two hairs per graft, punch grafts have 10 to 15 hairs, and slit grafts contain 4 to 10. Other options are mini-grafts contain 2 to 4 hair and strip grafts (contain long thin grafts 30 to 40 hair). A local anesthetic is injected into the scalp which helps in relaxation and comfort.

Procedure of Hair Grafting

In this procedure, the part of the scalp which has hair is cut which is usually from the back of the scalp. Following that the removed strip of hair is cut into small parts that have grafts and then transplanted into the balding area. The scalp is bandaged properly once the grafts are transplanted. To get the desired results it needs several sessions. After each session, it takes around 2 to 4 months to heal.

Scalp reduction

In the scalp reduction, the scalp part does not have hair removed so that the part of the scalp which has hair is stretched which fills the bald part of the scalp. With this procedure, the bald area on the top and back of the scalp is filled, but not effective for the frontal hairline.

On the scalp, local anesthesia is given and the bald part of the scalp is removed. Around the area, the skin is loosened and stretched which makes the hair-bearing part come together and with stitches, it is closed. This is usually done with hair Transplant grafting techniques.
Side effects

  • Headache
  • Mild scalp tightness (for few months)


Everything you need to know about the various types of breast implant

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: So, you are planning to get breast augmentation by using breast implants. Then you might be wondering to know about the different types of breast implants and which one will suit best for your situation.

Different kinds of breast implant

There are different classifications of implants which are based on the texture, shape, size, and material. During the consultation, you should discuss your expectations with the surgeon. This way the doctor will let you know what is best for you and it will help to see the reliable results with the breast augmentation surgery.

Case texture: Smooth or Rough

  • Smooth implants are filled with saline. These are placed surgically in the large breast pocket so that it can slide easily to give the feeling of the natural and soft breasts.
  • Rough implants are also referred to as textured and they are filled with silicone gel. The scarring made inside the chest is going to hold the implant in its place. This way it will be less wiggly as compared to the smooth implant option. Moreover, with this type, the risk of capsular contracture is reduced.

Filler material: Saline or Silicone

  • Saline breast implant has sterile saltwater and when it is inserted it will deflate. Once it is placed correctly it is filled with a solution of saltwater. This option is considered safe as they will be ruptured when they are being used, the implant solution will be absorbed by the body.
  • Silicone breast implant has silicone gel. When they are inserted into the breast area they have filled already. Therefore, before the procedure deciding the size is important. The filling material is so strong that it can give the feel of the natural breast.

Shape: Round or Anatomical

  • With these types of implants aim to achieve the desired results by improving and enhancing the breast size. Patients who want to get emphasized breast volume then can opt for the option of round-shaped implants. This way it will give breast cleavage which looks the best. Moreover, after the surgery, if the breast implants are rotated then the look and shape of the breast will not be affected.
  • Anatomical implant is also referred to as teardrop implants and these breasts are enhanced very subtly. This type of implant helps in giving a more natural look. Along with that, in this case, the important factor is positioning.


The size of the implant needs to be determined by you and the surgeon. The goal here is to increase the size as well as enhance the look and shape of the breast.

Talk to your doctor as they will let you know what needs to be done and according to your condition they will guide you properly.

Are Cosmetic Or Plastic Surgeons Are the Best Choice for Hair Restoration in Visakhapatnam?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: So you are balding, right? Yes, we know you need a hair transplant badly. Good decision, but did you do your homework about the best professional who will give the final shape to your dream treatment? Yes, we are suggesting that apart from deciding what to do, you need to find the answers to how to do it the best way? Many professionals are willing to perform the crucial surgery but mind you, all of them might not be the perfect choice for it. Plastic surgeons are the best people to trust for such surgery.  If you are located down south, Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is a good option. You can avail of the facility at the VJ clinic. This article aims to furnish points in favor of plastic surgeons for performing the hair transplant.

Hair Transplant

The procedure of Hair Transplant involves a primary session of the patient with the doctor wherein both discuss the cause and the pattern of the hair loss, the suitability of the procedure, expected results, the possible results, and the method to be adopted are discussed. If everything goes fine, a date is fixed for the procedure.

On the day of the surgery, a clear demarcation of the donor area and recipient area is followed by the actual procedure of transferring the grafts.

If the patient has opted for FUT, an entire strip of scalp is extracted and hair follicles are extracted from it and transplanted to the donor area.

If the patient has opted for FUE, the extraction process is carried out by using the punching method which bypasses the scar formation.

Why are plastic surgeons the best choice for Hair Transplant?

  1. Plastic surgeons are well-trained in various scalp restoration techniques which include tissue expansion, rotation flaps, hair-preserving, hair orientation, and incisional techniques. Therefore they are what ENT specialists are to your ears, nose, and tongue. They have a way with soft tissues as they have been dealing with them for ages.
  2. Plastic surgeons are abreast of all the latest developments in the field of Hair Transplant like laser technique and FUE technique.
  3. Before 2010, the surgery was unregulated therefore could be performed by anyone. After the regulation, the authority of conducting it was given to a chosen few which includes plastic surgeons. There are various accreditation levels which are granted to organizations according to their standards for safety, quality and hygiene. VJ Clinic follows high standards and optimal safety during the Hair Transplant procedure.
  4. Plastic surgery often requires crucial qualities like meticulousness and artistic sense. Most of the plastic surgeons are well endowed with it. Hair Transplant also requires these qualities so that natural-looking and long-lasting results can be recorded.

The above discussion goes on to say quite a lot about the plastic surgeons being the best people to conduct the Hair Transplant.

What is the reason for Gynecomastia and what is the way to treat it?

What is gynecomastia?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Breast tissue or mammary gland is present in both men and women. The glands are helpful in producing milk after the mother has given birth to the baby. Men’s mammary gland does not get to the point that they can produce milk. 

What are the reasons behind man boobs?

  • Overweight

It might be possible that you do not have gynecomastia but you are facing the problem in which there is a fat deposit which is known as pseudo gynecomastia. If your weight is excess then the body is going to store the fat in different parts of the body. Once you start losing weight, the chest fat will get lost.

If you are facing a problem then make sure you seek the help of the best surgeon. Not able to find the best surgeon then do consult us to get the best treatment plan of gynecomastia surgery in Vizag.

  • Testosterone level is low

Dealing with a low testosterone level is very difficult and pointing out that you are dealing with this problem is not easy. Some of its symptoms include weight gain, bedroom problems, fatigue, mood disorder, attention issues, and fertility issues. There are other issues also which can trigger mood disorder, bone density issues, and cardiovascular disease.

  • Estrogen level is high

If the testosterone level is low then it is possible that the estrogen level is going down. Some of its symptoms include loss of muscle, belly fat, bedroom problem, urinary tract infection, gynecomastia, diabetes, and fatigue.


Treatment option: Getting rid of man boobs


  • Liposuction is not going to be effective if gynecomastia reason is a hormonal imbalance. It might be possible after the procedure problem comes back again. This is because the hormonal issue is still there. If the estrogen level is very high then you might not be able to find that you have extra abdominal weight.
  • Liposuction Surgery is going to be effective, the problem is not occurring because of hormonal imbalance or there are just fat deposits in the breast area.


Can exercise solve the issue of gynecomastia?

It might be possible to add a few extra push-ups and bench presses. But, resistance training is the ideal choice because doubling down the chest is not what you want when you are already facing the issue of man boobs.


Are there are long-term solutions?

  • You need to eat a diet with low inflammation because it can hold onto the body fat and retain water.
  • In vegetables, like cabbage & broccoli Diindolylmethane compound is found which helps in protecting against breast cancer. It has the enzyme which helps in converting the testosterone to estrogen.
  • By reducing the weight the chest size is going to be reduced. Additionally, this is going to balance your hormones also.


Hair growth timeline after hair transplantation

Waiting long enough to get a transplant done is an exercise in patience. However, waiting for your crowning glory to be back is yet another challenge which has to be faced with patience and understanding.  We intend to introduce you to the timeline after the Hair Transplant procedure. If you are considering Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam, you better visit Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre.



Immediately after the surgery

Right after the surgery, you will be able to see a new hairline on your scalp. You will also be able to predict the hair growth pattern. It might not be accurate in all the cases though. In any case, you will at least have a vague idea of what your new hair’s growth pattern is going to be like.

The rest of the scalp is not very pleasing to look at. It will be red, irritable and full of scabs. The scabs will be there for some time. They will be washed away as the head becomes clear after clinical shampooing services. The service is given a day after the surgery.

The fortnight after the surgery

During the fortnight after the surgery, the patient will witness the shedding of the newly transplanted hair. We would like to clarify that this is a completely normal procedure and it does not mean that the surgery was unsuccessful. It is essential to know that the part of hair falling out is only the strand, not the root. The follicle is very much there and new hair will grow out from it in the future. The hair which will grow later will be much stronger and thicker than the ones which have been shed.


Four months after the surgery

After four months, the patient will witness worrisome phenomena-hair acne. It usually happens in nearly all cases. It arises due to the newly transplanted hair trying to grow. As it is weak, the follicular units fail to generate strong hair. Due to this fact, the hair is unable to protrude through the scalp. This causes acne in the scalp. In medical terms, it is called folliculitis. The condition creates quite a confusion in the patient as to what it is. It is confused with an infection a lot of times. The difference between the two conditions can be worked out in the following way-if it is an infection, it will get worse with time and feel painful. If it is just acne, it will fade away by itself after 10 days.


8 months after the surgery

The hair will start growing but it will be thin and brittle. It will also be in an unpigmented form.


1 year after the surgery

The patient will experience prominent hair growth accompanied by a good growth rate. Not many drastic changes can be expected after this stage.


What are the topmost tips to consider if you are getting laser hair removal in summer?

Laser Hair Removal in Summer:

Laser hair removal process is basically done to remove unwanted hair from certain body parts. In addition, this laser hair removal process is totally safe and secure and do not have any type of side effects.

Moreover, laser hair removal in Visakhapatnam is well-known for faster recovery and the best results.

Tips for better results of the laser hair removal procedure in summer

Apply sunscreen

If you get the laser hair removal treatment in summer then it is necessary to apply sunscreen in order to avoid infection and sun tanning. This is necessary if you are working outside the home because pollution and some other factors affect your results more than your expectations. Make sure you should choose the best quality sunscreen so that you can get the desired results.

Avoid sun exposure

You must avoid direct sunlight for several weeks so that you can save your skin from tanning. You must cover your face and treated areas when you are planning to go outside. Since direct sun exposure is responsible for infection and some other types of allergies. Moreover, you also avoid sun exposure before the treatment because it will affect your skin or you may experience damage to your skin.

Allow more time to your skin for heal 

If you are getting a hair transplant in summer then you must allow more time to your skin in order to heal. Because people who get laser hair removal treatment in winters are those who heal easily, whereas, people who are planning to get laser hair removal treatment in summer are those who need more time. Because sunlight is responsible for damage to the skin.

Avoid excessive physical activities

You must avoid excessive physical activities after getting the laser hair removal treatment because sweating and irritation worsen your condition over time. In addition, you should discuss this thing with your surgeon so that you can get an idea from him as well about the physical activities.

Consume only healthy foods

Foods which contain preservations may lead you to irritation and infection. In this situation, you only need to consume healthy food such as green vegetables and fruits so that your skin can easily heal without any obstacle.

Choose the best surgeon

It is a good idea to choose the best surgeon which gives you better results. You must visit us once and meet our specialists in order to clear all the doubts. We are well-known for better results of the laser hair removal process because we perform this process with total or careful consideration.

Which Nutrients may be lacking in your diet if you are experiencing Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a problem which many people have to tackle in the present times. Sometimes,  the hair loss is due to some deficiency in the diet. It may be corrected by reviewing our dietary habits. Although the hair loss which results due to deficiency can be turned around, the same can’t be said of pattern baldness. Thus it often requires Hair Transplant in India.

Some other nutrients are also needed to ensure that you sport a healthy, luscious mane.


Anemia is the condition in which you are deficient in iron. It’s physical signs show up as exhaustion, pale skin and frequent shortening of breath. But what follows after a few months of iron deficiency is the deterioration in the quality of hair. Due to the deficiency of iron, the hair follicles don’t receive enough oxygen. As a result, the hair follicles enter a dormant stage. Due to this, the hair strands start weakening and new strands fail to grow. The hair growth starts suffering as a result.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a significant role in producing collagen. Collagen is the protein which is the primary constituent of the skin, blood vessels, and ligaments. It also plays a primary role in developing and repairing hair. If vitamin C is amiss from your diet,  it will not be possible for the body to reinforce the structures which propel healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B-complex

Vitamin B is an essential prerequisite for ensuring that the cellular stricture is healthy and the brain functions normally. It also plays a major role in eliminating free radicals from the blood. Vitamin B-complex comprises a variety of vitamins out of which vitamin B7 (biotin) is considered most important for hair growth. Biotin strengthens the keratin structure which is the primary constituent of the hair shaft. The presence of biotin helps in the growth of visual strands of hair. Not only this, but it is also vital for breaking down the food into glucose which is the form of energy which is used to produce hair, skin, and nails. A person with Vitamin B deficiency is most likely to have brittle nails and hair loss.


Zinc is a micronutrient you need for the proper functioning of the immune system. It is also vital to ensure that the body absorbs other nutrients from the food that an individual eats. Deficiency of zinc leads to unstable thyroid which triggers an imbalance in hair growth. Hyperthyroidism may be experienced which may cause inexplicable rapid weight loss.

Omega-3 fatty acids

This is a nutrient that cannot be manufactured by the body. They are important for keeping the scalp and hair hydrated. To maintain good levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, one must include pumpkin seeds and walnuts in the diet. If one is a non-vegetarian, then one could opt for salmon and sardines to enrich their Omega 3 levels.

Vitamin A

It is an essential requirement for making sebum, the liquid substance which lubricates our scalp and keeps the hair naturally conditioned. A scalp devoid of sebum is likely to be itchy and dry. For the maintaining good flow of sebum, one must eat carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins which are rich in vitamin A.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure, Recovery, Complications, Risks, and More

Breast reduction surgery is also known as mammaplasty. Mammaplasty is used to reduce the size of the breasts and shape them in order to proportionate to the rest of the body. This treatment will relieve the physical and emotional burden of the over large breasts.

When to Consider Breast Reduction ?

  • If your breast is so much large and it creates pain in the neck, back and shoulder.

  • If you are having the heavy breasts and your nipples and areolas are pointing toward the downward.

  • If one of the breasts is larger than the other.

  • If you are not happy with your appearance.


  • Breast reduction will help you the better proportion of the breast and you feel firmer.

  • This surgery will relieve you from the neck, back and shoulder pain.

  • Your clothes will fit better and you will feel more confident about your appearance.


  • Some of the patients feel sensation in the some of the areas. This includes the nipple and areolas.

  • There are some patients who complain about the breasts and nipples are uneven.

Are you a good candidate for a breast reduction?

Women who have children, overweight, disproportionate breasts, sensitive to estrogen are the candidate for the breast reduction procedure.

What are the reasons why women go with the breast reduction surgery?

  • If the women have the backaches, neck aches skin irritation under the breasts.

  • You are feeling difficulty in breathing and also noticed grooving in shoulders

  • You have poor posture and numbness on the part of the breasts.

  • This is very difficult to buy dresses for you and find tops for you.

  • If you are unhappy with your appearance and the breast size.

  • If you are having a good health and not any kind of the active and medical conditions.

  • If your skin has the required level of the elasticity.

How is a breast reduction procedure performed?

  • Breast reduction is normally taken three to five hours. This is performed in the surgical centre. This surgery involves the three incisions.

  • Your surgeon usually uses the surgical marker on your skin in order to indicate the incisions.

  • After this, most of the surgeon gives the general anesthesia. Some of the surgeons performs the breast reduction with the intravenous sedation. This is also known as the twilight sedation.

  • The pattern of the incision is depending upon the size of the breast. This is also dependent upon the breasts sag and complexity of the nipple and areola. In each of the technique, the areola is to make smaller of it is too large.

  • Patterns of the incisions:

  • Micro incisions: this technique is used for those breasts that are fatty and not sagging. Liposuction is basically used to reduce the breast size. Because small incisions are used to allow the liposuction cannula to enter the breast

  • A donut incision or periareolar incision: This is made around the border of the areolas.

  • A keyhole incision: This technique is known as the lollipop incision. This is also made around the border of the areolas.

  • An anchor incision: This is the most common technique that is used by the most of the surgeons and has the three different cuts. The one incision is made around the border of the areolas. The second is vertically extended down from the areolas and the third incision is made along the breast crease.

  • Then your surgeon, remove the excess breast skin and fat with the scalpel. This is dependent upon the breast size that you require. If the breasts are asymmetrical, then your surgeon will remove more tissues from one breast than the other.

  • Then, the drain is placed in the breasts in order to collect the excess fluid.

  • Then, breast incisions are closed with the help of the sutures. Then go from the deep tissue layers to the more super artificial layers.

What are my options?

Your surgeon will suggest the best technique depending on the size, shape, reduction requirement etc. This is also possible to avoid the vertical incisions.

Liposuction for breast reduction

  • Liposuction is suitable for you if you have the fatty breasts, minor to moderate reduction.

  • Results can be achieved for each and every woman.

  • On the top of the menopause, breast tissues are replaced with the fat. Postmenopausal women are the suitable candidate for the liposuction

  • Women with the fibrous tissue and minimum level of the fat are not the good candidate for liposuction.

  • Liposuction is used to treat the asymmetry to the one size cup.

What will my breast reduction incisions and scars be like?

  • This also depends upon the type of the incision. there are some incisions lines that are concealed in the natural breast contours but the rest of the scars are visible on the breast surface Incisions lines are permanent but in some cases, these re fade and also significantly improve with the passage of the time.

  • Your surgeon will do every effort to hide and minimize the scar. The main goal of every surgeon is to achieve the shortest possible scar.

How to select the surgeon for the breast reduction surgery?

  • You can select the surgeon to whom you can trust.

  • You can select the surgeon on the basis of the education, training and certification.

  • The surgeon must have the long-term experience in the breast reduction surgery.

  • The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your surgeon.

Your initial consultation appointment

  • In your initial consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss the entire cosmetic goal.

  • Then your surgeon will examine that you are the right candidate for the breast reduction and which types of the breast reduction surgery are suitable for you. Your surgeon normally takes the photographs of your current size and shape of your breasts.

  • Then your surgeon will make the medical history that includes Past and present medical conditions, Drug allergies and current medications, Medical treatments you have received, Previous surgeries, including breast biopsies, Family history of breast cancer, Current mammogram results etc.

  • If you are interested to lose your weight, then tell the surgeon beforehand.

  • If you want to become pregnant in the future, You can tell beforehand.

Your treatment plan

  • After this, your surgeon will make the treatment plan based on the goals, physical characteristics, surgeon training, and experience. This plan includes the following:

  • The approach of your surgery that includes the type of the procedure and combination of procedures, outcome that anticipate, financial investment, associated risks and complications, various options for the general anesthesia , what you need to prepare for the surgery, what do you experience after the surgery.

How do I prepare for a breast reduction procedure?

  • Your surgeon will give you the post-operative instructions.

  • You may also ask to do the mammogram, electrocardiogram, X-ray etc.

  • Your surgeon will also recommend the various benchmarks or change of the lifestyle, this is essential to ensure the best results in order to minimize the chances of the complications

  • You have to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and some of the herbal medications that can increase bleeding.

  • You have to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before in order to promote better healing.

  • Hydration is essential for the safe recovery and outcomes.

  • You have to reduce the alcohol consumption.

  • You have to stock your refrigerator with the food that contains the high protein, low sodium foods, fresh fruits, vegetables etc

  • Try to avoid hot showers, hot tubs and saunas.

What can I expect on the day of my procedure?

  • Your breast reduction surgery is performed in the hospital

  • Your surgeon will give the estimate, how long your surgery will take.

  • You have to wash your body with the anti-bacterial soap prior to the surgery.

  • You don’t have to wear the cosmetics such as the nil polish, perfumes and lotions etc.

  • You have to bring the soft and comfortable clothes that you will wear after the surgery.

  • Bring your essential like ID, Insurance card etc.

  • Medications are administered for your comfort.

  • General anesthesia is used during the breast reduction procedure.

  • Various monitors are used in order to check the heart, blood pressure and amount of the oxygen in your blood.

  • Then your surgeon will follow the surgical plan.

  • After the surgery, you will be transferred to the recovery area.

Aftercare and Recovery

In this phase, your surgeon will give the post operative instructions regarding reach to the normal level of activity and work. He will provide the following instructions like:

  • Drains if there is need to place.

  • Normal symptoms that you need to experience.

  • Various potential sign of the complications.

  • You have been given the general anesthesia; you may feel some amount of discomfort.

  • You may have the surgical dressing on the upper chest area and some times, the drains are coming from the each of the breast.

  • You have to wear the compression sleeves on your legs in order to give the proper circulation.

  • Sometimes, you feel discomfort and medication will help you to free from the medication.

  • Our office staff will observe you for the few hours. After the few hours, you are allowed to go home. Then you need someone for the next few days.

  • After the discharge from the hospital, you need to take care of your incisions and change the bandages and also empty the drainage tubes.

  • Immediately you will notice the change in the breast size. You may also feel the significant amount of the swelling. In most of the cases, the swelling will last for weeks or even months.

Recovery time frame after breast reduction

This is very important to follow the patient care instructions that are provided by the surgeon. You have to wear the compression garments, care of the drains, antibiotics and required level of the activity . The recovery time differ from the person to persons. So, it is very difficult to say about the exact recovery time.

How Long Will the Results Last?

If you lose or gain the significant amount of the weight, your breast will remain of the consistent size. The gravity and effect of the aging will cause the breast to lose and sag with the passage of the time.

Maintain a relationship with your aesthetic plastic surgeon if you notice any type of the complication.

Associated Costs

Breast reduction surgery cost in India is varying from doctor to doctor. Breast reduction surgery involves the fees of the surgeon, cost of the surgical facility, anesthesia , medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments and other petty expenses related to the breast reduction.

Some of the health insurance covers the cost of the breast reduction surgery. Your plastic surgeon needs to fill the necessary documentation. Each and every insurance company has their own criteria and this is based on the specific plan. All of the insurance companies calculate the cost on the basis of the height, weight, body surface area and BMI. Always choose your surgeon on the basis of the quality, training and experience, not on the basis of the cost.

Limitations and Risks

Serious risks related to the breast reduction surgery are so much rare but the satisfaction rate with this procedure is so much high. If the surgery is under gone by the experienced surgeon, then there is less need for the complications.

All of the procedures has the some level of the risks, some of the potential risk are:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia

  • Hematoma or seroma

  • Infection and bleeding

  • Changes in skin sensation

  • Scarring

  • Allergic reactions

  • Damage to underlying structures

  • Unsatisfactory results that may necessitate additional procedures

  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs

In order to minimize the certain risks, you have to advice board certified plastic surgeon that provides the best breast reduction surgery in India.

This is how a hair transplant procedure must be!

People tell stories in their lives regarding their achievements, health, parents, love matters, and so on. As we all know that hair loss is spreading at a faster rate today, some people have stories to tell regarding their hair transplant procedures.

A hair transplant procedure is a combination of many skills that a surgeon and his technicians have to deploy on your scalp from the beginning to the end. However, many have sad stories to tell about their hair transplant procedures because of a poor postoperative treatment, botched surgeries, and lack of artistry.

From here, we get to phrase the right story of your hair transplant in India. This should be the systematic flow of events or procedures to tell the best story.

Having selected the clinic, you will have a consultation where you have to give details like

  • I am or I am not a smoker

  • I am physically fit and healthy or not

  • I am on these medications or not

  • The surgeon will also examine your scalp and specify the number of hair follicles needed.

One week to your hair transplant

  • You will stop certain drugs like blood thinners and multivitamins, but you will automatically take other medications as the doctor would have allowed you

  • You won’t need to cut your hair at least for a month.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking

  • You will have to look back to into your pockets to ensure that you have the required cash. A hair transplant cost in India usually runs from Rs. 35, 000 to RS.95, 000, but am sure you may have concluded with the best cost during the consultation.

The day of the procedure

In most cases, some patients are unaware of what goes on (on the scalp) since general anesthesia is at times used. Today’s procedures can also be conducted with just the numbing of your scalp and you won’t feel anything on your scalp. This is what the surgeon will be doing;

  • Extract hair follicles individually using a micropunch. He will use a magnifier to extract the grafts to properly remove them

  • He will make small incisions in the recipient region after which, he will aesthetically insert in the hair follicles in the right direction, angle and pattern

After the procedure

  • There will be itching, swelling at times, but they will all go away

  • Expect the transplanted hairs to fall out during the first month and this is completely normal

After the 5 months

This is the time to evaluate your hairline, how the hair grows and so on. If the post-operative period was gentle, am sure you will be rest assured that the hair will further grow as expected

After 1 year, you will observe that your hair has grown to a better length, natural and just how you want it to be.

Am sure from this, you will be able to tell a perfect story of your hair transplant procedure. Just make sure to find the right clinic