Gynecomastia condition and its treatment option

What is the reason for Gynecomastia and what is the way to treat it?

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    What is the reason for Gynecomastia and what is the way to treat it?

    What is gynecomastia?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Breast tissue or mammary gland is present in both men and women. The glands are helpful in producing milk after the mother has given birth to the baby. Men’s mammary gland does not get to the point that they can produce milk. 

    What are the reasons behind man boobs?

    • Overweight

    It might be possible that you do not have gynecomastia but you are facing the problem in which there is a fat deposit which is known as pseudo gynecomastia. If your weight is excess then the body is going to store the fat in different parts of the body. Once you start losing weight, the chest fat will get lost.

    If you are facing a problem then make sure you seek the help of the best surgeon. Not able to find the best surgeon then do consult us to get the best treatment plan of gynecomastia surgery in Vizag.

    • Testosterone level is low

    Dealing with a low testosterone level is very difficult and pointing out that you are dealing with this problem is not easy. Some of its symptoms include weight gain, bedroom problems, fatigue, mood disorder, attention issues, and fertility issues. There are other issues also which can trigger mood disorder, bone density issues, and cardiovascular disease.

    • Estrogen level is high

    If the testosterone level is low then it is possible that the estrogen level is going down. Some of its symptoms include loss of muscle, belly fat, bedroom problem, urinary tract infection, gynecomastia, diabetes, and fatigue.


    Treatment option: Getting rid of man boobs


    • Liposuction is not going to be effective if gynecomastia reason is a hormonal imbalance. It might be possible after the procedure problem comes back again. This is because the hormonal issue is still there. If the estrogen level is very high then you might not be able to find that you have extra abdominal weight.
    • Liposuction Surgery is going to be effective, the problem is not occurring because of hormonal imbalance or there are just fat deposits in the breast area.


    Can exercise solve the issue of gynecomastia?

    It might be possible to add a few extra push-ups and bench presses. But, resistance training is the ideal choice because doubling down the chest is not what you want when you are already facing the issue of man boobs.


    Are there are long-term solutions?

    • You need to eat a diet with low inflammation because it can hold onto the body fat and retain water.
    • In vegetables, like cabbage & broccoli Diindolylmethane compound is found which helps in protecting against breast cancer. It has the enzyme which helps in converting the testosterone to estrogen.
    • By reducing the weight the chest size is going to be reduced. Additionally, this is going to balance your hormones also.