Regrow Your Hair With These Food Items

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    Regrow Your Hair With These Food Items

    Many people experience hair fall, baldness, patches on the head and the reason for the cause is unknown. Many of us don’t know that lack of vitamins in our diet also refers to hair fall problem. We need to have a proper diet that contains vitamins A, B, C and E to maintain our hair and strengthen them. Yes, hair transplant is a permanent method to get rid of hair fall problem but eating a healthy diet can also help in reducing hair fall at an early stage.

    Eggs contain protein and biotin, hence, promotes hair growth.

    Berries have beneficial compounds and vitamins that promote hair growth.

    Spinach has beneficial nutrients like folate, iron and vitamin A as well as C which is useful for hair regrowth.

    Fatty fish such as Salmon, herring and mackerel contain omega-3 which is helpful for Hair Regrowth.


    Sweet Potatoes have beta-carotene that gets converted into vitamin A which leads to hair growth.


    Avocados are rich with vitamin B and E that strengthen hair and also helps in regrowth.

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