A to Z about Phlebitis

    What is phlebitis? How is it caused and diagnosed? How is it treated?

    When the blood walls get damaged, then it results in serious venous inflammation which we all know as phlebitis. The damage to the veins can be caused by any of the following:

    • Trauma
    • Infection Injury

    So what exactly is thrombophlebitis?

    When the blood clots get formed in the veins. It could be of any number. Then this condition is known as thrombophlebitis.

    Which similarity would you find in the varicose veins and phlebitis?

    Both the varicose veins and phlebitis can be caused in the various parts of your body like legs and the arms. And unlike varicose veins, this condition can also cause you to suffer from extreme pain, irritation, and discomfort.

    Which among the varicose veins and phlebitis can cause considerable harm to the health?

    The varicose veins do not do as much harm as phlebitis. But if you have enough knowledge about this condition and you detect its symptoms at an early stage, then it can surely get treated.

    In what regard, phlebitis is said to be superficial?

    Phlebitis will be said to be superficial if the veins present on the surface of the skin get affected by it.

    What is DVT?

    DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis. If the phlebitis is affecting the deep veins, then it will be known as DVT.

    What are the risks associated with the DVT?

    If you are suffering from the DVT condition, then there will be the formation of large blood clots. These blood clots are never stable and they keep on moving and traveling from one direction to another. So they can be risky if they travel to your lungs since it can result in pulmonary embolism which is a considerably life-threatening condition.

    How is superficial phlebitis caused?

    Superficial phlebitis is caused if any kind of medical or surgical procedure has injured or damaged the veins, then owing to the consequential complications, superficial phlebitis can be caused.

    AS far as the DVT is concerned, then it a wide variety of factors can contribute to this:

    • Hereditary
    • Medical
    • Lifestyle

    When does the chance of encountering phlebitis escalate?

    The chances to encounter phlebitis become considerably high if you are:

    • Pregnant
    • In the postnatal phase
    • Undergoing hormone replacement therapy

    How does lifestyle affect this condition?

    If the individual is having a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle, then the veins themselves get damaged owing to prolonged inactive periods.

    How can phlebitis be diagnosed?

    Phlebitis can be diagnosed with the help of blood tests or ultrasound tests.

    • Blood tests

    With the blood tests, the release of the D-Miner substance is detected. This is the kind of substance that is only released when the blood becomes deteriorated.

    • Ultrasound

    The ultrasound tests help to have the images of the blood clots and the blockages. This also helps to know if the blood clot is stable or is getting extended to the other organs.

    How can the condition of phlebitis get corrected?

    Usually, the patients who are diagnosed with phlebitis are suggested to do walking. Walking helps to keep the blood flow normally.

    If you are diagnosed with superficial phlebitis, then you will surely be suggested to take some of the anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Compression stockings also regulate the ideal flow of the blood.

    Bottom Line

    At our clinic, we facilitate our patients with non-surgical treatments. With the ‘Guaranteed success rate’ to ‘No use of the general anesthesia’ everything catches the attraction of the patient.

    So if you encounter any symptoms of phlebitis, then make sure you are consulting with reputed doctors. Do not let it get aggravated and intensified. Otherwise, it may cause serious life-intimidating issues for you.

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