Cost of the hair transplant

    Hair Transplant: Cost of 2000 Hair Grafts

    Be it any surgical or non-surgical procedure, the primary concern among the patients is to know about the cost. The factor of cost is often noticed among patients suffering from hair loss. No doubt, it’s essential to get a customized treatment plan for hair loss and then know about the amount of cost to be paid. Hair transplant is one of the inventive surgical, safe, and cost-effective methods. All those planning to get this treatment must be wondering, ‘How much is the cost of 2000 hair grafts?’ If you want to know about the same, continue reading the given blog.

    Hair transplant treatment

    Hair Transplant in Vizag is performed under the expertise of trained & experienced surgeons. During treatment, the hair follicles are removed from one part of the scalp & then transplanted where hair growth is less. With hair transplant, the balding patterns are treated either male or female. Both can benefit from this surgery. So, for male balding patterns, this treatment makes a great choice. The hair transplant treatment can work effectively for covering scars. If there are not enough hair grafts, then the hair will be extracted from the eyelashes, eyebrows, or another body part. However, pubic hair is not used for hair transplant.

    Cost of 2000 hair grafts for hair transplant

    To determine the cost of Hair Transplant in Kakinada, different factors are considered. On average, the hair transplant treatment cost is Rs 40,000.

    If you talk about the minimum price, then it’s around Rs 25,000. Additionally, the maximum price for a hair transplant can range up to Rs 2,60,000. The cost will vary from one person to another as every individual condition varies from one another.

    Which are the factors which affect the cost of hair transplant?

    To determine the hair transplant treatment cost, several factors are considered. Being mindful of different factors will help better understand, ‘How can your hair loss be dealt with the right way?’ Now, let’s have a look at the different factors:

    • The doctor will determine the hair loss
    • How much area or bald spots needs to be treated?
    • The total number of grafts that need to be implanted
    • Characteristics & texture of hair
    • Surgeon experience
    • Clinic location
    • Type of hair transplant to be performed
    • The patient medical condition is checked
    • If any complications are there, then treatment is customized accordingly
    • Admission room you selected to seek treatment

    How much is the recovery time with a hair transplant?

    Following hair transplant treatment, it takes around one week to get back to a regular working regime. After the surgery, make sure that you are careful in all ways and take better assistance on what to do. Bear in mind that you have to follow the minutest of steps after the surgery to be at ease & comfort.

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