How does the recovery process feel like in breast augmentation surgery?

How does the recovery process feel like in breast augmentation surgery?

Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Vizag: Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in demand all over the world. Many women have reported that undergoing the surgery help to gain back the self-confidence and they are happy to see the results.

How much time is needed to recover properly?

It is important to keep in mind that every woman’s body is different so the exact timeline cannot be defined. But, in most cases, the surgeons agree that recovery can take 6 weeks.

Different stages of recovery


Once the patient wakes up from the anesthesia effect they will feel sore and dizzy. Although these side effects will go away within hours. Make sure that after surgery you have someone to drive you home and they should stay with you also.
After surgery: 5 to 7 days

  • Following the surgery, 3 to 5 days are uncomfortable. The patient is prescribed medications and the surgeon will also give you pain injection so that the discomfort is reduced for the first 72 hours.
  • Following surgery, the postoperative discomfort is managed with the painkillers. In most cases, women are able to get back to the working routine within one week.

The second week after surgery

  • In the second week, the patient can get back into lightweight exercise or you can say they can start the normal routine. The discomfort is minimal but the women are not allowed to get into a strenuous activity like rigorous workouts, jogging, or horse riding.
  • Until the patient has recovered fully they are not allowed to do weight-lifting.
  • If the women are involved in a labor-intensive job then they are not allowed to do work for around 3 weeks.

    Proper recovery

  • In most cases, the patient is allowed to resume normal activities within 2 months. The patient must follow the doctor’s instructions so that complications are minimized.
  • Effective tips for recovery

  • Following the surgery, there will be swelling and soreness. The patient should invest in recovery bras as they help to ease pain and speed up the healing.
  • The recovery garments also provide implant stability, mild compression, and increased circulation. You can opt for one which fits your needs and body.
  • You need to wear a bra all the time so make sure you look for breathable fabric, adjustable strap, seamless design, and pressure-free fit.
  • Before the surgery, it would be best if you adjust the things in your home. You should get the housework done and do clothes shopping.
  • In case you have children then you should have someone with you to take care of them. Having assistance from your side will make things easy to manage.
  • Make sure that you have healthy food and hydrating drinks so that the healing process goes smoothly.
  • Having proper knowledge regarding the recovery will help you manage everything and get the desired look you want.