Guide on breast implant

How long does the breast implant last? Is it best to remove or replace?

How long does the breast implant last? Is it best to remove or replace?

Deciding on breast implants is difficult and it should be taken by considering all the things. This treatment option is designed to give you the perfect look you want and increase your self-image. Although, they do not last for a lifetime and this is the reason most women want to get it removed 10 to 20 years after going to the surgery for the first time. After the surgery, make sure that you visit the doctor for a regular check-up and follow his tips to manage the breast implant results.

 How much is the average lifespan of a breast implant?

Breast augmentation is an effective method to enhance your breast appearance. The procedure is safe and designed the way women need the result. The modern and improved implants are designed to last for a long time and their chances of getting ruptured are less than 1%. With proper care and consulting the doctor from time to time, the breast implants can last for 20 years or maybe more. 

What are the reasons to get breast implant removal or replacement?


Breast hardening or capsular contracture

  • Scar tissues become hard around one or both implants.
  • It leads to pain, tenderness, breast tightness or change in breast shape & size.

Saline Implant Rupture

  • The implant will deflate quickly like a balloon
  • The hole or tear, will make to saline to get leak out
  • The breast will become loose in size and shape

Silicone Rupture

  • Also termed as silent rupture, but it is not easy to tell about this problem.
  • You might be able to notice breast sensation, uneven appearance, change in breast sensation, tingling, burning, numbness, or swelling in the breast.


  • The implants will develop ripples or wrinkles.
  • Sometimes they can be seen through the skin, in case of extreme conditions.

Change in position

  • Implants might enhance the appearance but cannot stop the aging process.
  • With age, the breast start to sag
  • In case you can go for a breast replacement. It is best to consult the doctor and consider the best option for you.

Personal choice

  • If you are someone who wants to change the breast appearance then you can do that.
  • It is even possible to get the revision surgery to get the smaller or larger implants and even get them removed entirely.


Consult the surgeon to make the right choice

Well! There are different options which you can choose from to get the removal. You should talk to the surgeon about what option you should get while doing the breast lift, hardening scar tissue, or removal of implants. The plastic surgeon will understand your goals, check your breast structure, and existing breast implants to give you the desired results you want.

Take proper care of the implants

If you avoid the necessary instructions, then the breast will start to sag over time. So, make sure that you visit the doctor for regular check-ups and perform regular self-checks, to look for any issue. In the case of silicone implants, make sure to get the MRI after every 3 years and then 2 years. This way the results will be extended for a long time.