Reasons to harvest beard hair for hair transplantation

Is it ok to harvest beard Beard Hair for Scalp Hair Transplantation?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair transplant surgery is valuable to treat excessive hair fall when no other hair loss treatments give you the best results. You are not only, who is suffering from hair loss, but there are millions of people experiencing hair fall. There are several reasons for hair fall such as taking too many medications, over-styling your hair, nutrients deficiency, hormonal fluctuations, and thyroid problems. In the beginning, you experience little hair loss, but after some time, you start losing more than 200 or 300 hair strands a day. This type of hair fall is considered as excessive hair loss, which can only be treated with the help of surgical treatment.

Reasons to harvest beard hair for hair transplantation (2)

If you are thinking of getting hair transplant surgery, then you have to know certain things including enough hair growth at the donor area. The back of the scalp is the donor area for scalp hair transplantation. From this region, your specialist collects the hair grafts to transplant at the affected area. But if a person does not have enough hair growth at the donor region, then his specialist may collect hair from the beard or chest. Generally, a specialist collects the hair from the beard due to the thickness of the hair. In this article, you will learn about beard hair transplant in Vizag.

Why collect hair grafts from the beard for scalp transplantation?

As we stated above, some people do not have enough hair growth at the back of the scalp for harvesting. That’s why specialists collect the hair graft from another part, especially from the beard. To get the best results of hair transplantation, it is necessary to have enough hair growth at the donor area. Only, in this way, you will be able to get maximal density and hair volume.

Beard hair is a great choice for scalp hair transplant surgery because of the thickness of beard hair. It is easy to harvest hair grafts from the face for transplantation because it does not leave a scar and provide quick healing. This is done with the help of the Follicular Unit Extraction method, in this method the surgeon collects the single hair from the donor site. And it does not result in scarring and no one can judge from where the surgeon harvests the hair graft.

If you are thinking about results, then you do not take tension, because you will get the desired results.

What to Expect?

For hair transplantation, your surgeon collects almost 3000 hair grafts from the beard. Well, it is difficult for those, who never wish to grow a beard. In this case, they need to wait until the beard grows, and firstly the surgeon checks the hair density and volume. Only then tell you whether you are able to get hair transplantation or not.

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