beard hair transplant

    Now it is possible to get safe and effective beard hair transplant In India

    Facial hair transplant in India is not much common but it is the revolutionary procedure that can restore facial hair where the growth is missing, patchy or thin. This surgical procedure can restore the Goatee, Mustache, cheek Beard, sideburns, eyelashes and of eyebrows. Even this procedure is possible for hiding any type of scar.

    Although there are many areas of the face where the transplant is possible beard hair transplant in India is most popular these days as the men having the stylish beard are in trend these days. Thus let us understand all the facts about this surgical beard restoration procedure.


    What is beard hair transplant?

    The basic principle of is similar to scalp hair transplant means the loss resistant follicles can grow and retain their properties after their shifting from one area to other. Thus in this surgical beard transplant method, scalp hair is extracted to transplant at the desired beard site in the volume as per the desire and best suitability of the patient.

    Donor zone for beard hair transplant

    For any hair transplant procedure, the biggest role is played by the donor zone as the choice of donor follicles can affect the durability and quality of results after the surgery so even for the facial hair transplant, surgeons select the donor zone very carefully. for beard restorations, surgeons select the donor follicles from the back head or near to the neck areas as in these areas generally hair volume remains more as compared to other areas and even the hair follicles in these areas are generally less reactive to DHT means have resistance for loss.

    One more thing surgeons have to keep in mind before selection of donor hair follicles for beard reconstructions that the selected hair follicles should have the exact match with existing beard hair in terms of hair type, texture, color or length.

    Beard hair transplant procedure

    This procedure is performed under the local anesthesia so that patient could get painless and comfortable treatment. As per the requirement and real desires of the patient-donor hair follicles are selected for beard reconstruction. Mostly FUE procedure is used for beard hair transplant so the selected donor follicles are extracted individually from the safer zone and then follicles are transplanted in the targeted area.

    While transplanting the hair follicles, surgeons design the recipient site as per the required style, the density of the beard and even direction of the existing hair beard is kept in mind so that patient could have the natural appearance of the beard after the surgery. The procedure can be performed in 3 to 5 hours depending on the requirement for grafts as per the desired style of the beard by the patient.


    As it is the minimally invasive procedure performed under the local anesthesia so after few hours of the surgery, the patient can get back to his home without any difficulty. For few days person could experience redness, bruising, swelling, mild pains in the treated area but all these get vanish in a few days. After 4-5 days a patient can get back to his normal routine however he has to follow some post-operative instruction for the care of transplanted hair given by the surgeon.


    The transplanted beard hair can get shed after 2 weeks of the surgery due to shock loss but it is quite normal as the transplanted roots remain beneath the skin and start growing after some time. After proper recovery patient can have proper results of natural looking stylish beard that in undetectable even by your barber.

    Thus facial hair transplantation is the revolutionary procedures that can help the patients to get natural looking hair on the desired areas of the face that enhance the beauty of a person with style and natural appearance. Even the cost of facial hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is quite reasonable and can fit your budget so now there is no need to compromise for your best aesthetics due to patchy, missing or thin hair growth on eyebrow, eyelashes mustache or beard.

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