Is Depression and antidepressant medications lead you to Hair Loss?

Is Depression and antidepressant medications lead you to Hair Loss?

Is Depression and antidepressant medications lead you to Hair Loss?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair loss is the common scalp condition, which everyone faces once in his life. Sometimes, it can cure itself, but sometimes you need to go through medical procedures.

Is depression responsible for hair loss?

Yes, depression is responsible for hair loss in both genders. The main causes of depression are self-esteem, mood changes, and discouragement.  In addition to this, it affects your hair quality, or you may experience more hair thinning, breakage, and dandruff. This happens because depression affects the hormone levels which are important for the hair growth cycle. Stress and depression can lead to low or high levels of hormones, additionally, fluctuations in hormones cause excessive hair fall. Moreover, there is no such medicine which can treat your hair loss due to depression, only surgery can treat you. The hair transplant in Vizag is useful to treat your hair loss due to depression or mental stress.

Antidepressant medications and hair loss

Not everyone aware of it that antidepressant medications can cause hair loss in both sexes. The name of the medicine is Prozac and hair loss is the main side effect of this condition. Moreover, the type of hair fall which you experience due to antidepressant medications is telogen effluvium. In this type, your hair enters into the resting phase, which actually prevents hair growth. In this phase, you face more hair loss or hair thinning as well. In this situation, you need to visit a doctor because only he can suggest something in order to treat your hair condition due to depression medications.

Is hair loss due to depression permanent?

No, actually not, hair loss due to depression is not permanent. Some people recover after quitting the depression medication. But the majority of people can only treat their hair loss with the help of hair loss medications and hair transplants.

Ways to treat this type of hair loss

There are various ways to treat your hair fall condition such as hair transplant, lifestyle changes, consume a healthy diet, reduce stress and depression, and with the  help of some hair loss medications.

In which hair transplant is the best way to treat your hair fall condition. This hair transplantation procedure has two types include FUE and FUT. In order to go through this procedure, you need to visit our clinic. Only then we are able to tell you what type of procedure do you need to prevent hair loss. Moreover, you must also follow a healthy eating regimen because nutrition plays an important role in hair growth. So you must stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle also, otherwise, you may experience baldness.