Hair transplant cost

    Hair transplant cost: Various cost affecting factors of Hair transplant surgery

    Hair transplant surgery is a common surgical procedure which is useful to treat hair loss and baldness. Hair loss and baldness caused due to many factors such as hormonal changes, bad lifestyle habits, poor diet, smoking, genetic factors, and some type of medicated procedures. In addition, this is the surgical transplant procedure which includes 4 step process, for example, preparing the back of the head if you have enough hair growth, collecting hair from the donor area, grafting the donor’s hair, and transplantation. Moreover, this transplant procedure has two types of procedures known as Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction.

    Different factors that affect the cost of hair transplantation

    The cost of hair transplant basically depends on various factors such as a number of grafts to transplant on the affected area, skills of the surgeon, and transplant method. The hair transplant cost additionally based on the capability and experience of the surgeon because more skilled, trained, and reputable surgeons charge more than others.

    Number of grafts

    The main and primary factor which affects the cost of hair transplantation is a number of grafts and sessions that you need. Since the cost of per graft lies between Rs.25 to Rs.100 in India that’s why more people choose India for this surgery. You can concern first with your selected surgeon about the cost.

    Skills and experience of the surgeon

    The experience and skills of the surgeon matter a lot not only in hair transplantation but also in every medical procedure. If the surgeon is quite popular and has proper training that he may charge you little more as compared to others. It happens because he devotes many years to get the proper training to perform these types of surgeries.

    Transplantation technique

    As I already mentioned above that hair transplantation has two types of procedures include FUT and FUE. In which, the FUE method is totally safe and secure that has no side effects, for example, no scarring and swelling over the donor and transplanted area. So, in this way, the FUE technique is quite expensive as compared to the others. Whereas, the FUT method is a less expensive and traditional method of transplant which also gives you the best results.

    A reputation of the clinic

    A reputation of the clinic matters a lot with the goal to get the best treatment at an affordable cost. If the surgeon is too reputable and popular among people then he may charge you a little extra. Since he will surely offer you more natural and permanent results.

    An ideal way to know and understand the cost of hair transplant procedure you must visit us clinic once, a specialist will tell you in detail but according to your requirement and hair loss reason.

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