transplant surgery is a good choice for women

Undergoing hair transplant surgery is a good choice for women or not?

Hair transplant came as a blessing to the men who were facing excess hair loss. But will this surgery only work for male pattern hair? Women are not a good candidate for this? We know these questions were running your mind because not only men but women also face hair loss problems. And yes, women are also a good candidate for undergoing hair transplantation.

Factors should keep in mind before hair transplantation?

There are a few factors which need to be taken care of before undergoing the hair transplant surgery that is mentioned below:

  • Age of the women

Only women above 30 are eligible for the surgery. So if you are facing bald patches or thinning and you are above 30 years then you are the right candidate.

  • Condition of the health

The surgeon checks whether the women are medically fit or not before the surgery. If you are on long term medications then you should tell your doctor about this.

  • The lifestyle of the women

For speedy recovery of the surgery, the women should take care of their diet and eat healthy food. She should do exercises and take medicines on time prescribed by the surgeon. It will help you in reducing the risk of infection and swelling.

  • Category

You should be having healthy hair at the back so the only doctor will be able to transplant the hair grafts on the problematic area. Remember the doctor will be taking hair from the back of the scalp or various parts of the body for the transplantation.

Who is eligible for hair restoration?

The only women are eligible for the surgery that are mentioned below:

  • Women experiencing hair loss due to alopecia.
  • The women are also eligible to have done plastic or cosmetic surgery and are scared of hair loss around incisions.
  • Women suffering from a distinct pattern of baldness are also a good candidate for the surgery.
  • Women experienced chemical burns, scarring from accidents.

What are the procedures?


Follicular unit extraction is the type of procedure in which the surgeon will take out the hair follicles individually and transplant into the problematic area. The surgeon will transplant the hair in a zigzag way for the hair growth.


Follicular unit transplant is a type of procedure in which the surgeon will take out the strip of the hair from the back of the scalp and transplant it into the area where a bald patch or thinning will be there.

The risk involved in the surgery mentioned below:

  • The patient might face infection.
  • The patient might experience bleeding also.
  • The patient might experience the death of hair follicles.


We hope you get the answer that women undergoing hair transplant surgery is a good choice. All she needs to do is find the best surgeon for herself.

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