Main Reasons for Hair Loss

The Catastrophe Caused by Hair Loss Today

The Catastrophe Caused by Hair Loss Today

If at all there is a way that anyone thinks of in the case of excessive hair loss is none other than a hair transplant. The terrible side of hair loss and baldness in men and women is planting severe damage today and we don’t know where it will all end. In the lead to look for the best solution for hair loss, patients have had to fly to other countries just to get a hair transplant performed. The information about these hair transplant clinics that patients visit is normally found on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social media. When they see the before and after pictures of the clinics, they are convinced that it is the best clinic for putting an end to hair loss.

The truth is hair transplant procedures are a major way of combating hair loss that is even occurring in men and women under the age of 25. Countries like Turkey, India, USA, and Europe are the leading countries in performing hair transplant procedures. It is estimated by Huyesin Kirk the chairman of the Middle East Tourism and Travel Agencies Association that 100 to 500 hair transplant procedures are performed weekly in Turkey. From the huge number of medical tourists to Turkey each year, about 60,000 patients are for hair transplant procedures. Due to this boom in the medical tourism, many hair transplant clinics have been opened up and many of them are not up to standards. They advertise and clean up the clinic on the day of an official operation, but after that day, things turn upside down.

It has also been revealed that many times the hair transplant procedures are not performed by the actual doctors who are faced during the consultation sessions, but the technicians and nurses who are less trained and experienced. This is bound to increase the rate of infections in patients and complications in the future. It is automatically the patient to suffer most and while the clinic gains from the increasing number that visits it per day. Hair transplant procedures are delicate and full of complications, including bleeding, scarring, and infections. These can only be avoided when an expert works on the patient.