Hair loss: Explain the different reasons due to which the hairs are falling and getting thin.

Hair loss: Explain the different reasons due to which the hairs are falling and getting thin.

Hair loss: Explain the different reasons due to which the hairs are falling and getting thin.

Hair loss Treatment Hyderabad: Some people in Hyderabad are very conscious about how they look and especially the hairs. But you are noticing a widening part when you comb or style your hairs. At first, the problem is less noticeable and also very less. Sometimes the people don’t take it seriously and start avoiding this situation. Eventually, the problem gets in excess which can result in balding.

  • Hereditary

The very first reason for hair loss is that the condition is hereditary. There might be someone in your family who might have suffered from the same situation. Additionally, the problem in the male is seen at a very young age and it also more noticeable as compared to women. Different research has said that most men suffer from the problem when they are an adult. For this, you should take care of hair from starting and don’t ignore any signs which are making the problem worse. Consult the doctor regarding the hair transplant in Hyderabad if the problem in excess and it is also the best solution.

  • Stress

Another factor is stress, if you are suffering from stress and anxiety for a long time it can also make your hairs fall out. However, stress for one day will not affect your hairs. If the person is stressed for a long time which can be work-related, personal issues, or some health issue it will affect the hair growth. So, you should try to avoid stress and live a healthy and peaceful life.

  • Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant will notice that they are facing the problem of hair fall. However, the condition is temporary and the hair will grow back. This happens due to hormonal changes, medication, and stress. You should not worry about the situation as hairs will grow back in a few months.

  • Lack of protein

As your body needs all the proteins and nutrients, in the same way, the hairs also need food for growth and strength. If the hairs are not getting the right amount of nutrients they will become weak and brittle which will eventually lead to hair fall. The hair follicles need protein so that they can grow and due to this, the hairs also look healthy and shining. So, you should keep your diet properly and include all the right amount of proteins.

  • Thyroid

Another reason is the medication condition which is thyroid which can be either under-active or overactive. Both these situation causes a hormonal imbalance due to which the hairs start to fall out. You should get the treatment to control the situation which can let your hairs grow back again.

  • Medication

Sometimes taking medication for a long time can suddenly affect hair growth. Especially, if the pills contain Vitamin A it will definitely affect the hairs. If you are undergoing the treatment of cancer, you will also notice hair fall. But once the treatment is done the hairs grow back.

  • Styling the hair

Excess use of hair styling products can make them weak and they also look damaged. You should avoid styling your hairs regularly. The excess heat and the products contain a chemical which makes them weak. So, avoid using hair styling products as much as you can.