What’s the relation between hair loss and protein deficiency?

    Hair loss and protein deficiency

    Several factors can lead to hair loss, like a poor diet. That’s why you must get enough protein daily to make your diet properly balanced. Protein intake is crucial for the health of your hair. If the condition seems out of control, you should get medical assistance to find the ideal hair fall problem solution. The doctor checks your entire condition and tells you the ideal way to manage the same and get natural-looking results.

    Protein needed for hair health

    The body needs enough protein, especially to boost hair health. If not enough, it triggers problems, and hair follicles will begin to miss out on everything. The most effective method is hair transplant in Vizag as it offers natural-looking and permanent results.

    A healthy and balanced diet naturally allows hair health to transform over time. Even after the hair transplant, you must consider several things, like following a proper diet so that your existing and new hair growth goes the way you want.

    How much is the ideal amount of protein daily?

    Daily protein intake:

    • For men: 56g
    • For women: 46g

    No doubt, every person’s protein intake varies from one another. That means the personal situation and overall health can make a lot of difference. The key focus should be to take the right amount of protein and not try to get too much of it.

    What are the sources of protein?

    The hair loss occurs at least 2 to 3 months after the protein level drops. The hair growth occurs in a cycle, meaning if you take prompt action, the situation can be easily reversed. In case the reason for hair loss is protein, then make sure to include the food options like:

    • Nuts
    • Grains
    • Meat
    • Dairy products

    Other factors that cause hair loss

    Besides protein, the low iron level, malnutrition due to weight loss, and eating disorders can cause many problems. It’s like many things are linked to hair health, so be considerate about everything and take the right step accordingly.

    Get personalized hair loss treatment

    Make sure you get personalized hair loss treatment by consulting an experienced hair loss surgeon. The doctor will thoroughly examine your condition and tell you the right choice to improve your entire condition. If your hair fall has started to get worse with time, then make a prompt choice and undergo the hair transplant treatment. The hair transplantation results are effective, permanent, and natural looking. The doctor will tell you whether your condition needs a FUE or FUT method of hair transplant. In some cases, there’s a possibility to get a treatment plan that’s based upon the combination of both the methods.

    Want to know more?

    Feel free to talk about any concerns and make an informed decision about your situation.

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