Majors Reasons To Choose India For The Hair Transplant Tourism

Hair loss is a problem that people from all over the world suffer from; that is the reason why the medical field is trying so hard to get the best result giving technology for the patient who is suffering from the same.

If you are not aware, then let me tell you that India is known for being one of the largest countries that provide high-quality treatment of Hair transplants in Vizag. They are also simultaneously affordable, so if you doubt whether or not you should choose us for hair transplant tourism, this read would easily make up your mind. 

Why Choose India For Hair Transplant Tourism?

There are ample reasons why India is the best option for hair transplant tourism. Some of those are given below: 

  • High qualified doctors with significant experience

The number one point that stands out is the qualification of the doctors that practiced in India. They are much more skilled and are able to handle any kind of situation with no worries or complications. Hair Transplant in Kakinada is an intricate job that needs to be done with precise working; a doctor who is not capable enough would just butcher the result. This is why we always advise you to choose someone who is competent enough to perform better surgery. 

  • Cost efficient

As compared to other countries, you would notice that India is much more affordable in all senses, be it accommodation, the charges for the treatment, or anything else. This is another reason you could opt for India for tourism as it drives the best quality treatment for the money you are paying.

Do keep in mind that the cost of the hair transplant surgery would solely depend on the hair graft that you require to transplant. Based on that observation, the doctor would quote a rate. Each situation and case is different, and so will the surgery prices. 

  • Advanced technology and updated equipment

With the advancement of India’s technology, it has become so much easier for doctors to perform simple or even complicated surgeries. Nowadays, the most popular technique FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), is being used by the surgeon to conduct the treatment of hair loss. FUE is known for being less invasive and more effective. It helps the patient to achieve the desired result, which looks more natural, unlike the older techniques used for the same. In this technique, the doctor plucks hair follicles one at a time from the donor site, which is basically the side or the back of the head, and harvest it back in the recipient area, which is the bald area. It is a permanent solution to hair loss issues and can easily be implemented with the new technology.

So this is the reason why you must choose India if you want to treat your hair loss issue with a hair transplant.

Hair Loss Treatment With The Advanced Technology Of Hair Transplant

The solution for extreme hair fall, bald patch, or receding hairline is only hair tarsnpalnt surgery. It is not easy to overcome such problems with some over-the-counter medicine or using some products. Depending on your conditions and the cause, the doctor would suggest the type of treatment one needs to go.

There are ample reasons for hair loss, including genetics, environment, underlying health conditions, bad lifestyle, and many more. If your hair follicles are unable to generate new hair growth, then the doctor would suggest you undergo the surgery of Hair Transplant in Vizag. 

Nowadays, you can see a lot of advancement in the field of hair transplant surgery. And because of that technological update-people are able to choose this by removing the fear of pain. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is now a less invasive and more effective technique that is gradually popularized.

What Are The Basic Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

In the surgery of Hair Transplant in Kakinada, the main focus relies on relocating the healthy from one place to another in your scalp. This is done when your hair is either balding or thinning. The relocated hair follicles’ job is to fill the space where there was severe hair fall and create a better and fuller appearance. 

With the help of the advancement of the technology used for conducting hair transplant surgery, the doctor is now able to achieve a better result which is natural.

What Are The Techniques Used For Hair Transplant Surgery?

There are basically two types of hair transplant procedures that are most famous and the one that we conduct well. Based on your condition, which could be diagnosed by the expert, the doctor would further recommend you to go ahead with the specific treatment for hair loss.

Here are the two types of hair transplant;


  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Let us begin with FUE; at this procedure,, the doctor removes the follicles instead of the entire strip done in the past. Each hair follicle is retrieved and harvested one at a time ( approx 1-3 hair at a time). Because of its intricate work, this surgery is known for taking its sweet time. But remember, the result would be fruitful.

In this technique, we use our updated robotic hair tarsnpalnt machine, which helps in assisting the process of removing and replacing the hair from the donor site to the recipient site. This helps in creating a more natural look. 

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Trasplantation)

In this procedure, the doctor surgically retrieves the strip from the skin -either from the back or the slide of the head from those they then extract the hair follicles. The doctor proceeds to prepare the hair follicles and transplant them back in your scalp’s hair thinning or balding area.

Although FUE is a much more hyped and less invasive technique, still, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before finalizing the treatment. 



Hair Transplant With Another Person’s Hair

Hair transplant treatment is one of the most effective ways to address the problem of hair loss. Moreover, the results of this treatment approach are all-natural and effective in every sense. So, all those struggling with their hair locks can plan to get the hair transplant treatment. Although, many even wonder that if they plan to get the Hair Transplant in Vizag, then is it possible to prepare for the treatment by using someone else’s hair. This blog is dedicated to telling you all about the same.

How does the standard FUE hair transplant work?

If you choose to get the FUE Hair Transplant in Kakinada, then the hair grafts are transplanted individually from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is less. It’s one of the most modern approaches to address the problem. One of the most significant factors is that the results are all-natural, which is why the individual gets an added boost of confidence in their life.

During a hair transplant, anesthesia is used, which allows the hair to be transplanted most effectively. The hair follicles are taken in a group of 1 and 4. Additionally, the extraction procedure is performed through inventive surgical instrumentation, ensuring the process is achieved most effectively. The method used and the necessary tools allow taking away the stress of transplanted hair grafts.

Once the extraction is done, the hair grafts are kept in the desired solution for very little time to ensure they won’t lose their properties. With the approach of hair transplant in Ludhiana, it helps in giving a realistic and natural pattern that allows everything to be done through the right approach.

Now, coming back to the question, ‘Can someone else be used for the hair transplant?’

NO! Even if you think about using the donated hair, even that is not possible with hair transplant treatment. Even when the hair transplant is done, the scalp won’t affect the transplanted hair graft. Within a short time, the transplanted hair grafts will fall out from the desired place. There are several reasons that using other person hair grafts are not possible:

  • Difference between the body and scalp hair
  • The hair texture is different with every individual

Moreover, when the hair grafts are transplanted, it’s like a foreign substance to the body discards away the same. So, you will see hair loss, and all your time, effort, and money spent on getting a hair transplant to go in vain. Therefore, you must never make the mistake of getting a hair transplant by using someone else’s hair.

Schedule your initial consultation

Depending on your condition you will be given a customized treatment plan by the hair restoration surgeon for managing your hair locks.

Why can hair transplant surgery not be performed with other people’s hair?

A hair transplant is one of the best options available to save hair locks. Being one of the inventive and effective hair restoration methods, it is gradually increasing the patient’s preference towards this approach. Hair Transplant in Kakinada is one of the best ways to have natural-looking and permanent results. But, one of the patients’ common concerns is whether ‘Hair transplant is possible with someone else’s hair or not.’ To answer this concern: It’s not possible in any manner.

How is a hair transplant performed normally?

During Hair Transplant in Vizag, the doctor will personalize the treatment for you depending on what’s your condition. He will suggest the necessary treatment plan as per your hair loss state. Between the two types of hair transplant, you will be suggested the best choice that is appropriate for your condition, which includes:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUE and FUT are the two primary methods that are highly advanced and best working. The technological approach used with both the conditions is highly developed and precise; be it extracting or transplanting the grafts, both are done with utmost caution. While the doctor performing the treatment of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, always make sure it’s effectively placed in the desired area and with a proper pattern so that the hair growth looks all-natural.


Is it possible to use someone else’s hair during a hair transplant?

NO! Using another person’s hair grafts for your hair transplant surgery is not advisable by the best hair restoration, and even it won’t give you the results you expect to have. Make sure that you don’t compare it with the organ transplant.


The hair is that part of the body that can be considered an invader when someone else’s hair is used on the scalp. Even if the hair transplant is done, the hair will get rejected within a few days. Moreover, there are increased chances of having an infection, which will make the condition worse. So, there is no point in getting the hair transplant through someone else’s hair because there won’t be the desired hair growth that you are looking to have. No one wants the hair transplant surgery results to be unsuccessful, so this is something that is not worth opting for.


Is it possible to use body hair for hair transplant?

Body hair can be used during hair transplant surgery. But only when needed. The doctor will let you know about the same whether this is the option you should go for or is it worth getting to address your hair loss condition in any manner.

So, it’s better to understand that hair transplant surgery gives the best and desired results only when performed with your natural hair.



Is it possible to get a hair transplant with someone else’s hair?

When it comes to getting a hair transplant, every individual has several questions in their mind. From how the treatment is effective to what the results are? In this blog, I will talk about one of such significant concerns among the patients planning to get a Hair Transplant in Vizag, and that is, ‘Hair transplant with another person’s hair: Is it possible?’

How is a hair transplant performed?

FUE Hair Transplant in Kakinada is one of the treatments in high demand, and it is a highly effective option in terms of hair restoration treatment. The treatment is highly suitable and beneficial in every possible way because of its results and how the person gets permanent hair growth.

The hair transplant treatment is done under the effect of anesthesia to make the treatment pain-free and reduce the discomfort that comes with it. During the FUE method, the hair grafts are extracted individually from one side of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is significantly less. The hair restoration surgeon will transplant the hair grafts at the desired angle and density so that it matches the original hair growth by all means. So, this is what allows the expected hair growth that’s possible with a Hair transplant in Ludhiana, giving you an all-natural and realistic look.

Can another person’s hair be used for a hair transplant?

NO! Simple answer to this concern.

If you think that your hair transplant treatment can be done using other people’s hair, it’s not true. The experienced and renowned hair restoration surgeon won’t use the grafts of another person for your treatment plan as it’s not an ethical medical practice to do so. Moreover, it’s not the right way to do the treatment.

The scalp will not accept the hair grafts of another person’s hair, and it won’t be effective in any manner. It’s like the scalp will reject the donor’s hair & there won’t be any hair growth the way you want it to be. Even if the hair transplant is done, the

transplanted hair grafts are going to fall out with time.

Is it possible to use body hair for hair transplant treatment?

YES! But only when needed. The doctor will tell you better on this aspect to make sure that your hair transplant treatment plan goes with utmost perfection and the final results are achieved the way you wanted them to be.

 What’s the right way to perform hair transplant treatment?

The right way to get a hair transplant is by seeking medical assistance from one of the experienced and best hair restoration professionals.

How can sweating affect the hair transplant results? What to do?

Hair Transplant & Sweating: Why does it need careful attention?

Hair transplant is one of the best surgical yet safe treatment plans for hair loss is getting massive attention with time. Hair Transplant in Vizag is one of those treatment plans which works effectively for the patients in case of hair problems. Although after getting a hair transplant, it’s essential to be extra careful so that the desired results are obtained on time. One factor that demands attention is, ‘Whether sweating is normal after hair transplant or not?’ or ‘Can sweating affect the hair transplant results?’ 

Sweating after hair transplant

The scalp is one of the delicate parts, and if there’s sweating after the hair transplant, then there are chances the results are adverse. If you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Kakinada, you must be careful during the recovery phase so that the desired results are seen on time. 

Can exercise affect the success rate of hair transplant?

Exercise is okay after hair transplant treatment but make sure that you do it after some time or as told by the doctor. If you do exercise too often, it is likely to result in sweating and increased intensity, and you might hit the scalp being adverse during the regime, which will create problems. So, all in all, excess sweating can be a massive problem for the success rate of the treatment.

 Why should sweating be avoided after a hair transplant?

With excess sweating, there is a risk of infection. If there is a bacterial infection in the transplanted grafts, then the success rate of the treatment will go down. So, it’s essential that sweating is prevented. Just make sure that you avoid direct exposure to the sun. Wait for at least 14 days after hair transplant as, by this time, the hair grafts have started to settle down in the desired place. Similarly, any sort of pressure is not correct, and don’t do anything which makes you hit your scalp.

 How soon can you exercise after a hair transplant?

On average, 14 days is the waiting period to do exercise after a hair transplant. By doing so, the hair grafts will get implanted in the desired place safely. Here are some other necessary suggestions given by the doctor:

  • Make sure to do light exercise at least seven days after the surgery, including walking and playing table tennis.
  • Regular exercise regime can be continued after 14 days, including lifting heavyweight, gym, and doing cardio sessions.
  • Regular contact sports can be played after one month of undergoing a hair transplant as, by this time, the recovery has taken the next stage, which is all comfortable for you. 

Please Note!

If you still have redness after the surgery, then make sure to consider all the necessary suggestions given by the doctor carefully. You should not wait and consult the medical expert as redness is expected to settle down within a few weeks.

How Long Will It Take For Hair To Grow After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Congratulations if you have already gone ahead and done the hair transplant surgery!

Because of people’s unhealthy lifestyle, hair transplant has become a norm; they opt to go for it because of severe hair loss. Although it is not an easy decision to make sometimes, as you might have several questions and doubts, but you do not have to worry about anything as it is an effective and safe procedure.

The stack of questions would never be stopped even after the hair transplant surgery is done. That is why we are here to help you clear out some doubts regarding hair growth after the Hair Transplant in Vizag.

Hair Growth After Hair Transplant Surgery

After the hair is transplanted from the donor area to the affected area, the hair growth might take up to one year or more to have entirely thick and voluminous hair. Hair transplant is not only a procedure but a process too. After the implantation of the Hair Transplant in Kakinada, the hair will fall again after 4-6 weeks, it is a natural process, and there is nothing to worry about. Three to five months after the hair restoration, the new hair will grow back as the follicles will be safely left behind.

To give you better details about how long the hair transplantation will take, we have provided the timeline for the same below.

Timeline For Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

  • Two weeks after the hair transplantation

It is when people often question the effectiveness of hair transplants as the patient would notice a lot of hair loss. This is obviously going to generate anxiety and fear, but do not worry; it is a factor of hair development before the total growth begins. Shedding will help create new structures for hair follicles, which will be much more healthy.

  • Four months after the hair transplant

After the shedding, the hair growth will start, although the hair will be unable to penetrate the scalp because of less strength, hence resulting in a skin condition known as folliculitis. It is nothing to worry about, but if the pain becomes unbearable, we recommend you to visit our doctor immediately. The symptoms and the conditions of folliculitis would gradually disappear within ten days.

  • Four to eight months after hair transplant

After crossing flour months, the hair growth will be good with a better density. However, the pigmentation and the strength would not be the best, as some hair might look brittle. But the hair structure would only improve from here.

What Are The Factors That Might Affect Hair Growth?

Many factors might significantly impact hair growth, including the locations of the hair transplantation and what kind of method has been used for the same. For example, the implantation in the back would take longer than in the front, as it contains more blood vessels that nourish the hair.

Final Comments

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is a leading clinic for the best hair transplantation surgery with a fantastic success rate.


Hair Transplant For Transgender Men and Women

Hair Transplant For Transgender

Gender identity is something that individuals focus upon where their physical appearance does not match with their personality. The way they feel inside, but their nature is not the same. Such scenarios include trans men and women who wish to change their looks so that their entire lives go with ease. If you are in the same system, you better get medical assistance on time. As medical science advances with time, it has made it possible for trans men and women to benefit from the Hair Transplant in Vizag and get their personality changed as to what they prefer.

Following the initial consultation the desired treatment is found

When you schedule an initial consultation with one of the known hair restoration surgeons for effectively managing the condition, once you consult the doctor, he will perform a detailed diagnosis and evaluation to find out which method of hair restoration will work best for you. By doing so, your appearance will be transformed for the better. As time has passed by, more and more individuals are choosing the path of

Hair Transplant in Kakinada whether their wish is to have a masculine or feminine look.

What is all considered while doing the transgender hair transplant?

Understanding the female hair features

Men and women have different facial features, which include hair also. The frontal hairline is lower, round, and thick around the scalp & crown area for women. All those looking to get the preferred results are given an FUE hair transplant.

During FUE, the hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is needed. It’s an advanced and innovative treatment rapidly gaining attention to get the best results for getting the desired look.


Process of taking the hormones

For trans patients, the option of female hormones is suggested as the aim is to slow down the impact of male hair loss patterns or stop it.

Understanding the male hair feature

Male have thinning hairlines or receding hairlines which is common in all ways. If your option is to get the highly traditional look, then make sure it is addressed most effectively. Apart from the hairline, male facial hair is also different.

Depending on the results you are looking for or what is appropriate in your condition, you will be given the desired treatment plan. In case testosterone therapy is suggested to address the issue effectively. If you are looking for a male hair transplant, then the doctor will give you the treatment by considering the same.

Schedule initial consultation with the doctor

If you are a transgender looking to get a hair transplant, then schedule an initial consultation with Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan for your treatment journey effectively.

COVID-19 & Hair Transplant: Can COVID affect the hair transplant results?

The effect of COVID-19 is seen in every possible scenario you talk about. The government and medical professionals are taking careful measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 around the globe. Most importantly, the focus is on preventing the crisis. Considering the entire situation, many individuals are concerned about whether COVID-19 can affect the results of any surgical method. Most importantly, individuals are concerned regarding whether it is safe to get hair transplant treatment or not.

Are you thinking of getting Hair Transplant in Vizag? Then this article is going to give you thorough information on the same as to whether to get this treatment or not.

COVID-19 and its effect on Hair Transplant treatment

The present time demands careful attention in all ways. Hair loss is one of those concerns typical for both men and women. The prevalence rate of the treatment is something that tells that medical assistance is essential. Be assured that if you are planning to get a Hair Transplant in Kakinada, you need to seek medical expertise from start to end to boost the success rate of the treatment. The experienced and skilled medical expert must follow all the safety measures to ensure proper treatment.

What are the safety measures for COVID-19 and doing hair transplant treatment?

The top priority is to give exceptional patient care throughout the treatment. The safety measures are the most important factor, including following all the robust practices and taking the sanitization rules into account. So, for the success and safety of ensuring hair transplant treatment is done correctly, here are some steps that are followed:

  • Pre-screening

The pre-screening part is done at the appointment when you consult the doctor face to face. Your condition’s initial diagnosis and evaluation will tell you what steps are needed. However, to reduce the chances of spreading the virus, a virtual appointment is given priority.

  • Practice social distancing norms

The most important part is following the social distancing norms. The hand-shaking gesture might seem friendly, but the present time demands to stop doing the same. Maintain at least 6 feet or 2 meters distance to avoid the chances of this deadly virus spreading from one person to another. However, you have to avoid going to a public space. In case you have to, then make sure to double mask. Even in hospitals, it is compulsory to wear a mask.

  • Sanitization is a top priority

Sanitization is one thing that cannot be taken away from the whole part at any cost. Maintaining the cleaning practices from time to time is considered an important part. The top-rated hair restoration clinic will follow the sanitization practices for every part of the clinic like labs, assessment rooms, labs, equipment, waiting area, reception area, and procedure room. Following this simple yet effective practice reduces the chances of risks.

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Provides A Long-Lasting Outcome?

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

We all have noticed a significant amount of hair loss in our lives, but it brings us to the brink of insanity when it gets excessive. As hair is an excellent attribute of human features, which can build up their appearance to the next level, losing such characteristics could be heartbreaking for some. That is why Hair Transplant in Vizag is one of the most desired treatments by men and women to get desired outcomes.

Many reasons, including stress, alopecia, medical conditions like cancers, genetics, excessive use of tools and chemical products, unhealthy eating habits etc. are the leading causes of hair loss, thinning of hair, and receding hairline.

Counter medicines, some home remedies, and other options could treat hair loss problems, but it does not give a guaranteed lasting effect.

Which brings us to our next question- how long do a hair transplant last?

But before that, we must understand the basic information about  Hair Transplant in Kakinada?

What Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is a surgical procedure going on since 1950 but has gained immense popularity among people now. The hair transplant process is to extract hair follicles from a donor area and replace it in the affected grafts. The number of grafts would dictate the cost of a hair transplant and the sittings you would be required to give. We perform hair transplant surgery by two methods that are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

What Is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): Doctors perform this surgery by extracting hair follicles from the donor area one at a time with the help of a microneedle. This method of transplanting hair does not need to include a skin graft; hence no stitches are required. The doctors make small incisions on the donor area, and as the hair grows, it will conceal them with the existing hair. Later the follicular hair units are transplanted in the bald patches where incisions are made. The patients mostly choose it as it has less scarring.

What Is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)?

In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the surgeon, unlike FUE, extracts the whole strip of hair from the donor area. It is generally taken from the scalp of the back of the hair. The strip of the hair is split into 500 -200 follicular grafts, which are later incised into the affected area.

How Long Do Hair Transplant Last?

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to your problem of hair loss. However, the lasting outcomes of hair transplants might be affected by the patients’ lifestyle, health, age, and other factors. As the hair is transplanted from healthy hair follicles to the thinning area, the lifespan of the hair automatically grows.

It is a slow process where you would require a lot of patience as the noticeable result will take at least one year. But do not lose hope, as it would help you overcome bald patches forever.