Hair transplant -Recovery period, Result expectation & Preventive measures.

Hair transplant -Recovery period, Result expectation & Preventive measures.

Nobody wants to compromise with the looks since nowadays your looks are the real output of your personality. So the people can’t afford to lose their hair. But we do not have any dominance over age-related changes on the skin and hair. There are sometimes genetic reasons also because of which you have to suffer from hair and skin related transformations. So in today’s article, we shall be discussing the total time taken by the hair grafts to settle in the recipient zone after hair transplant in Vizag

  • Is hair transplantation the only method for hair restoration? 

No, not necessarily the hair transplant is the only approach to carry out the hair restoration. But there are some other ways also which may help you to get densely volumized hair, like the use of extensions or the Bio FUE, which. Some procedures may give you permanent results while others are for temporary usage. 

  • Does the recovery period for each of the hair restoration procedures is different? 

Yes, the recovery period for all the hair restoration procedures is different. If the patient is undergoing FUT, then he may take considerably more time to be healed as compared to the patient who has taken up the FUE procedure. And for the Bio FUE, the recovery rate and spread completely vary.

  • Which things are to be taken care of during the recovery period? 

Since the recovery period is deemed as the critical period for the adaptation of the transplanted grafts to the scalp, so the individual must follow the following instructions: 

  • Hair massage 

When not to do it? 

The patient should not massage the hair or scalp for the period of 1st four days after the procedure. 

When to do it? 

On the 5th day after the procedure, if your doctor permits you to do so, then you can surely get it done. 

  • Sleeping position

How not to sleep?

It is advised that the patients should not sleep flat. 

How to? 

Sleeping by keeping the pillow below your head is the ideal position to sleep 

  • Dietary habits

What not to eat?

You should not eat food that is rich in oil and fats. 

What to eat? 

Try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables and also drink the water in abundance to keep the body hydrated. 

  • When will you get to see the results? 

Immediately after the hair transplantation procedure, you should not be expecting to see full-fledged results. It takes time for the grafts to settle down to the atmosphere of the recipient zone. Once they are adapted with the recipient, then you can surely expect to see the results. and that may take up to 1 year. 

  • How can the results be enjoyed for a long time? 

For that, the individual must ameliorate his habits by abstaining from alcohol and the making. Also do not be experimental with your transplanted hair since they do have the potential to suffer from the burden of maintaining the dyed colour and the heat treatment. 

Takeaway To take up the hair transplant procedure at affordable prices, visit the reputed and experienced doctors since only a trained doctor can understand the depth of the procedure.