How much Hair Loss is too Much of Hair Loss

The Acceptable amount of Hair loss

The Acceptable amount of Hair loss

Hair loss, also called Hair fall, is one of the biggest nightmares for everybody. You would shriek out of fear when you see a strand of hair fall before you. People who opt for Hair Transplant in Vizag always regret the absence of hair care in their lives. 

Hair fall is a natural thing that happens to everybody once they reach a certain age. Some of us end up trying methods that are unsuitable methods for our hair, which is something people who opt for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag would never recommend.

On average, you would lose 60-100 strands of hair every day. This is still insignificant, considering the fact that you already have lakhs of hair strands over your head.

Stages of hair that leads to Hair fall

There are 4 stages of hair fall or hair loss which describe the significance of hair care. These stages are:

  1. Anagen: it is a growth phase for our hair. In fact, 90 percent of hair is still in the Anagen phase
  2. Catagen: in this phase, the hair stops growing.
  3. Telogen: this step prepares your hair to detach from your forehead
  4. Exogen: This is the phase where your hair fall officially begins.

If your hair is at the Exogen stage, then you need to take serious care of your hair.

Reasons for Humongous Hair Fall

There are many reasons for hair fall. If you go through some of these reasons, you will find them expected and short-termed. Let us see what these reasons are:

  1. Stress: Stress is the most significant contributor to hair loss. It also contributes to an increase in the cortisol levels of our body, directly affecting hair growth and fall.
  2. Daily usage of hair treatments: Daily use of hair treatment on your hair leads to the weakening of hair roots and strands.
  3. Tight Hairstyles: Tight hairstyles can result in weak hair strands.
  4. Diet sans nutrients essential for hair growth: If you are partaking in a diet that doesn’t consist of zinc, iron, biotin, and vitamins A, C, and E, Then you are at a higher risk of growing weaker hair.
  5. Scratching of hair: Dandruff is indeed a contributor to hair loss. But if you scratch your hair frequently because of hair fall, you will do more harm.
  6. Excessive use of hair coloring and bleaching: Using hair coloring dyes frequently can lead to hair damage on a big scale.
  7. Medications unsuitable for hair: If you start to take medicines without consulting a dermatologist, you are at a grave risk of damaging your hair.
  8. Excessive hair wash: washing your hair frequently can strip off protective oils from your scalp. It will then result in dry and brittle hair, prone to damage. Hence, it is advised to limit the use of shampoo on hair and wash your hair.

Losing your hair is natural. As we progress with age, a lot of changes happen to us. Hair fall is one of them. Most importantly, Women tend to lose more hair than men.

If you want to know how much hair you are losing quickly, you should do a pull test to check. If more than ten strands of hair come out of 100, then it’s time you consult a doctor. 

Hence, Losing hair is normal until it is more than required.