Debunking the Common Myths Associated with Hair Fall

Debunking the Common Myths Associated with Hair Fall

Debunking the Common Myths Associated with Hair Fall

Hair loss is the most common concern worldwide. Research has found that around 50.31% of Indian men are facing hair loss problems under the age of 25. And the most shocking report is that 25.89% of men are under 21, and they are already at stage 3 hair fall. 

But on the other hand there are numerous people who are preventing this problem with hair loss treatment in India. If you are one of the people who are facing hair loss, then book your appointment today

Many myths have spread among people related to hair loss and its treatment. Let’s separate some facts from fiction associated with hair loss.

Myth 1 – Wearing Hat Leads to Hair Loss

It is the most common myth that wearing hats can suffocate the hair follicles which cause hair loss. However, hair follicles collect oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream not from air. It is necessary to understand the science behind hair loss & its growth to make informed decisions.

Myth 2- Baldness is Only Inherited from Mother’s Side

Undoubtedly, genetics plays a significant role in hair loss, but it can also be inherited from the father’s family. Genetic factors affect the sensitivity of hair follicles to hormones. DHT is the primary hormonal factor in both male and female pattern baldness. Any type of baldness can be treated with an affordable hair Transplant cost in India

Myth 3 – Only Men Face Hair Loss

Hair loss is not only related to men. However, women also face problems of hair loss and thinning, but it is often presented differently. Diffuse thinning across the scalp is the most common factor in female pattern hair loss. At the same time, men face bald spots and receding hairlines. All types of hair loss problems can be solved with effective procedures of hair transplant

Myth 4 – Stress is the Primary Cause      

Stress can trigger hair shedding. Male and female baldness patterns are often reversible, and they can be prevented with the use of FDA-approved medications like minoxidil and finasteride; these two are popular choices for promoting hair growth. 

Myth 5 – Only Affects Aged People

Hair loss problems can strike individuals at any age. Many youth in India and foreign countries are facing the problem of hair loss. Choosing a reliable hair loss treatment in India will help many youths regain full head hair. In the end, many boys in their adolescence face hair loss problems, some due to medical conditions and some due to other factors. 

Myth 6 – Too Often Hair Washing 

Frequent hair washing can lead to the problem of hair loss, which is the most common myth among females. Females usually avoid washing their heads just because of this myth. Keeping scalp & hair clean is the key to healthy and long hair. 

Myth 7 – Plucking One Hair Leads to More

Plucking one grey hair will not lead to growth of multiple grey hairs. Excessive plucking will lead to damage of hair follicles over time, it leads to thinning of hair in that area. 

Don’t let these myths stop you; make informed decisions after consulting about your hair loss problem with our top doctors at Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre, get your quote today for hair Transplant cost in India.