Understanding The Hair Transplant Surgery & Its Procedures

A Complete Guide About Hair Transplant And Its Surgical Procedure

Understanding The Hair Transplant Surgery Its Procedures

A Complete Guide About Hair Transplant And Its Surgical Procedure

Most people think that a hair transplant is only for those who have lost their hair naturally and want to get their hair back with the help of a hair transplant in Vizag. But that’s not the case, as people who want to change their hairline to look better also opt for these services.

Hence it’s essential to learn about the complete process of this cosmetic surgery in Vizag that can help you get your hair back and make them look better.

This blog will share a complete guide about hair transplant and its surgical procedure. That will help you understand the process better.

Step-By-Step Guide On Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a surgical process that helps fill empty areas on your head with hair by picking hair follicles from any part of your body, such as the face, legs, chest, and many more. Later those hair follicles are attached to the empty places on your head.

Let us discuss the hair transplant process step by step:

1- Preparation of hair transplant:

In the first step, the hair follicles are picked from the back of the head, or in some cases; the hair follicles are removed from other body parts such as the face, chest, legs, and more. Once the donor area is picked, all the hair is trimmed.

2- Donor area prepared for surgery:

Later the donor area is given anesthesia so that the person does not feel any pain when the hair follicles are removed. Once the hair follicles are removed, sutures are used to comb the hair over the donor area so that the donor area does not look bald.

3- Bald area preparation:

Once the hair follicles are picked, you must prepare the bald area. However, additional anesthesia is not provided, as the effect of anesthesia remains in the patient’s body. In the next step, the hair follicle incisions are irregularly made in the balding area.

4- Hair transplant completion:

Right after the completion of hair transplant surgery, you will be able to notice small incisions made in the surgery area. Later the surgical area is covered, all the incisions made during the surgery cure naturally, and all the redness will be removed.

Crucial Facts About Hair Transplant

 The transplanted hair will start acting like your natural hair, and the natural hair shedding process will begin again. But the roots of the hair will start developing new hair, and the natural hair growth process will start.

  • Local anesthesia is used in hair transplant surgery, with the help of which the patient feels no pain and can get discharged on the same day.

Hair transplant surgery helps in getting a natural look. Hence, if you think you can get a completely different look from your natural look, it’s wrong.