Know The Role Of Genetics And Other Reasons Leading To Hair Loss

Know The Role Of Genetics And Other Reasons Leading To Hair Loss

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    Know The Role Of Genetics And Other Reasons Leading To Hair Loss

    Baldness, when we hear this team, a picture comes to our mind where a man has no hair on his head. But this is not the case baldness is not only concerned in men, but it can occur in women too. The treatment of baldness requires Hair Transplant in Vizag.

    Genetics surely plays a vital role in determining your hair loss. However, genetics, stress level, medications, and lack of nutrition also causes balding. You can consult a Hair clinic in Vizag to treat your hair fall efficiently.

    Everyone knows that the genetics of hair loss can not be overturned, but with Hair Transplant Training in Vizag and following a few steps, it can be slowed down. For this, we need to understand the genetics behind hair loss and ways to stop it.

    The simplification of a bald gene

    Hair fall due to your genetics occurs in a pattern known as male pattern baldness(MPB) and female pattern baldness(FPB). In MPB, the downturn starts as M shaped in the front of your scalp. This occurs by the age of 20 or 30. Most males experience MPB by the age of 80

    But in the case of women, it usually starts when they experience menopause. After that, most women experience baldness in the pattern of Ludwig. And some men and women experience FPB by the age of 80.

    What are the reasons that lead to balding?

    Not only genetics but there are other factors too that lead to balding. For example, most women experience balding after menopause as they undergo hormonal changes. Still, in the case of men, they experience balding when they are in their early adulthood days.

    • Hormonal changes; mostly women experience hair loss after pregnancy, menopause, or even after childbirth. Thyroid hormone level leads to baldness in both men and women.

    • Trichotillomania; is a mental disorder when a person has the desire to pull their hair.

    • Hairstyles; some hairstyles, like ponytails, create stress on your scalp and often lead to hair loss. This hair loss can be both permanent and temporary.

    • Alopecia areata; is a state in which hair fall occurs in patches.

    • Medical conditions; ringworm infections, traumatic alopecia, and cicatricial alopecia can lead to hair fall.

    • Drugs and supplements; few drugs and accessories that are used to treat the following medical conditions can lead to hair fall are;

    • Heart problems

    • High blood pressure

    • Cancer

    • Arthritis

    • Depression

    • Gout

    • Stress; continuous stress can often lead to hair loss.

    • Nutritional Deficiencies; not taking adequate protein and zinc can lead to hair loss.

    • Birth control pills; terminating the intake of birth control pills can result in short term hair loss.

    • Radiation Therapy; is a therapy performed during cancer treatment that often promotes hair loss. But this hair loss is temporary.

    A reliable advice

    It is true that genetics plays a vital role in hair loss, no matter what your gender is. But with advanced and effective care at VJS Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre, your hair fall can be controlled.