Important Facts About Hair Restoration Treatment For Hair Loss

    A hair transplant is an extensive surgery that requires a lot of strategies before the doctor begins the procedure. You would want the outcome to be natural-looking, which is why it is necessary to have the proper plan while simultaneously clearing all doubts. More than that, I think it is essential to have a realistic approach to this method. Each case is different, and it is necessary to know that the outcome w0udl varies from one case to another depending on the particular condition and health of the hair.

    Hair plays a significant role in dictating the appearance of the person. Thus hair loss can hit hard on some people. If you want to gain back your self-confidence and esteem, you can think about undergoing a Hair Transplant in Vizag. This process will restore your hair back with a surgical method.

    Now let us move ahead to the myths or wrong information which are circulated about hair transplant surgery. This is one of the reasons why people often ditch the idea of hair transplant surgery.

    Today, we will present to you some facts that might cut down the myths about Hair Transplant in Kakinada.

    Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery

    • Achieve natural-looking hair with hair transplant surgery

    The thing about hair transplant surgery is that you can achieve natural-looking results with it. We mainly focus on giving you that subtle and natural look that would not look artificial at all at our clinic. With the latest technology of FUE (follicular unit extraction), we present precise work with minimal incision and the best result.

    In your initial consultation, the surgeon would discuss the cognition of your affected hair and the donor’s hair to set a realistic expectation about the result. The doctor would also give you a set of instructions to follow before, during, and after the procedure. The instructions include the technique to wash your hair, the styling technique, and how to take care of it for some time.

    • Hair transplant results will take time.

    One of the most vital steps of hair transplant surgery is to have a realistic expectation. Which also includes the time period it will take to show the outcome. You would not be getting immediate results in hair transplant surgery, as the whole process will take around 8-109 months to show natural-looking hair growth. It is a slow process but do trust the outcome.

    Several weeks after the procedure, the newly transplanted hair will fall out but do not worry; the follicle in the scalp is growing.

    • Women can undergo hair transplant surgery.

    It is a myth that a hair transplant is a solution for male hair loss. But that is not the case; a woman can also undergo hair restoration treatment. Almost 50% of the women population experience a lot of hair fall in their life, out of which nearly a third of the population have female pattern hair loss. In this condition, the woman begins to experience thinning of hair over the sides and top of the head.

    For All Intents And Purposes

    Visit VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery And Hair Transplantation Center and treat your hair loss with a proper hair transplant surgery. With the guidance of a skilled doctor, you will get consultancy about the appropriate treatment with a set of instructions to follow to achieve natural-looking results.

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