A Comprehensive Guide And Brief Note On Long Hair Implants

A Comprehensive Guide And Brief Note On Long Hair Implants

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    A Comprehensive Guide And Brief Note On Long Hair Implants

    The skin tone is dependent on genetic behavior. The color of the skin comes from the genes of the mother and father. The behavior of hairs is also dependent upon the genetic material. Many people with dull skin color go for skin brightening treatments to have clear skin. The best skin brightening treatment in Vizag is done at VJ clinics. Nowadays, hair loss is the most common problem, and every second person is suffering from it. Many people undergo the hair transplant surgery process to fill the empty place on the surface of the head. Women mostly prefer long hair. The advancement of medical science makes it possible.

    What is long hair implant surgery?

    The long hair transplant surgery is a new addition to the field of hair transplant. The follicles of hair are implanted in thinner places and bald places. It is a lucrative way to get long and beautiful hair. 

    Reasons for hair implant surgery

    There are several reasons for Implant surgery. The major reason is the rat race.

    • Rat race: people do the same when they are watching around. Running after something around the world is a rat race. People follow the same trend.
    • Influence of celebrities: the younger generation always prefers their favorite personality. Celebrities have an impact on society. Stars have long hair transplant surgeries done first, and people started to get these surgeries done. 
    • Look more attractive: looks really matter in this world. To enhance hair beauty, people get these surgeries done.   

    Types of Long Hair Implant Surgeries

    There are two types of long hair surgeries: FUE and FUT

    • FUE surgery: FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. In FUE hair transplantation, each follicular unit is gathered from the scalp. These follicles are converted haphazardly. Your physician will take hair from the donor side. The hair is harvested with microscopic circular incisions. The FUE hair transplant is further divided into two parts: Manual FUE and Robotic FUE.
    1. Manual FUE transplantation: A manual FUE hair transplant is done with a handheld device. These devices are helpful in taking out the individual hair follicles.
    2. Robotic transplantation: in this transplantation, the robotic hair transplant device is used. The physician guides these devices. Medical technology gives unbeatable precision and accuracy.

    The robotics FUE transplant is more beneficial. There are several benefits of Robotics FUE transplant, such as the grafting quality is high. You can not feel any pain before and after the procedure. Sort recovery time. Scars are minor in the donor area. Looks like natural hair. 

    • FUT surgery: the full form of future surgery is follicular unit transplantation. It is also known as the stir method. In this surgery, a long and thin piece of tissue is taken from the back scalp. With the use of stereo microscope dissection, the follicles are collected. 

    Advantage of FUT Hair transplant

    The advantages of FUT transplantation are as follows;

    • Manageable recovery: the recovery after the procedure takes 10-12 days. Time is manageable
    • The success rate is high: the follicles are harvested with proper care. The survival time is longer in FUT transplantation. 
    • Natural results: the FUT procedure gives you natural results. Your harvested hair also looks like your natural hair.
    •  No additional scars: people do not have any additional scars on the treatment side.

    The cost of the FUT transplant is 7000 US dollars, and FUE transplantation costs 9000 US dollars. In comparison, FUT transplantation is less costly. These amounts are around 600000 – 800000 in Indian currency. Many pages get done for these surgeries. Various cosmetic surgeons perform these surgeries. Surgeries are quite expensive in the world, but the VJ clinics perform surgeries under a budget of 4-5 lakhs. Many people get hair transplant surgeries done because they suffer from different hair issues. The VJ clinic is known for the best cosmetic surgery in Vizag.