Can Dandruff Cause Issues For Hair Transplant

    Complete information about dandruff on the scalps during hair transplant

    Well, the problem of dandruff is pretty common, and almost every fourth or fifth person faces this problem. And this problem occurs especially in cold weather when the skin is usually dry. But after getting Hair Transplant in Vizag or at any other place, you may confront issues like dandruff. This usually makes people uncomfortable and worried about their hair growth.

    Moreover, if you are facing this problem after getting a hair transplant, then you have to make sure to visit VJ’S Hair clinic in Vizag because dandruff at that time can cause changes in your transplant results. Additionally, this clinic is a top-listed one for providing excellent Hair Transplant Training in Vizag.

    Can dandruff hamper the growth of transplanted hair?

    It is common that after a hair transplant, the problem of dandruff can occur, and it is essential to remove all those dead skill cells in order to increase the healing speed. If you do not remove those dead skin cells, then there are some chances that you may face hair fall. Sometimes surgeons also suggest some medicines in order to stay away from these issues.

    However, hair fall because of dandruff is not permanent and dandruff is also a sign that your small wounds which occur because of hair transplant surgery are getting healed. If you can not carry this problem with you, then you can use anti-dandruff shampoos but make sure to get a consultation from your surgeon before using any chemical-based product on your scalp.

    Ways to deal with dandruff

    Firstly, you do not need to panic because post-hair transplant dandruff is a common thing. But you can control that by taking proper care. And you can also contact your doctor in order to get medications for dandruff.

    These are some essential things that you can follow:

    • Try to avoid scratching your head
    • Do not touch the grafts as they can get loose and harm the wound ultimately, which will increase issues like dandruff
    • Do not use strong shampoos which contain high amounts of chemicals.
    • Use experts prescribed chemicals only
    • Wash your head with warm water
    • Oil massages can help to get rid of dandruff and boost the speed of your recovery process

    Does dandruff go away on its own?

    To be honest, chances are pretty rare that your dandruff problem will also end along with your restoration process. You may need to follow a proper diet and care tips in order to eliminate dandruff completely.

    These foods are beneficial for dealing with dandruff

    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Lean meat
    • Seafood and Egg
    • Olive oil
    • Nuts and yoghourt

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