Laser Hair Removal: Why this method is becoming popular and trendy for men’s grooming?

You might have thought that laser hair removal is only for women. Nowadays this is not the case, In Visakhapatnam experts have said that men are increasingly opting the same methods for grooming as women. They also want smooth skin and want to remove unwanted hairs.

Why men are choosing laser hair removal?

Men are choosing this method of treatment for different reasons but the main goal is to remove unwanted hair permanently. There are many athletes such as swimmers, cyclists, and bodybuilders who are opting this method. This way it can save there time to regularly shave or waxing their legs.

Another reason is that it also provides them confidence. Everyone wants clear and smooth skin whether it’s male or female. Most men think that shaving and waxing are very expensive when they have to get it done on regular basis. They don’t even have to be bothered about the pain, razor burn, red bumps or nicks (scratch). However, they are choosing the easiest and best method to treat the problem.

Men deal with unwanted hairs on the back, chest, legs, abdomen, and neck. This is one of the other reason that these methods are becoming more popular as part of men’s grooming. The traditional way of hair removal is expensive and very time-consuming. Additionally, they are not even permanent way to remove unwanted and excessive hair. So if you want to get rid of waxing, tweezing, shaving, electrolysis or trimming then you should jump into this trend and for a good reason too.

How Does it work?

Unlike other methods, the laser hair removal is very beneficial in removing the unwanted hairs and the results are also long-lasting. That is the reason why the men are opting this method over the traditional ones.

This method works on laser light. The light actually penetrates the hair follicles and it kills the root of the hairs. But it doesn’t mean that it kills the hair follicles from the place where it starts growing. Due to this, the results will last for a long time. After some months you might have to visit the doctor for another session of the treatment. Before starting the treatment the surgeon will area which needs treatment. If the area is sensitive then the gel is applied to numb the area. Then the laser is focused on the desired area which kills the hairs. Some patients feel that the pain is similar to a rubber band snapping. The whole process of the treatment will take around 30 minutes. Whereas, if the treated area is large then the process will take more time. You might have to visit the doctor for at least 3 to 5 sitting to see the most effective and best results.

The results are best in reducing or removing the unwanted hairs from the stomach, chest, shoulders, back, and genital area. You must keep in mind that if you have light hairs then it might not give you the accurate results. Before getting the treatment, consult the doctor to know if you are a suitable candidate for the surgery or not.

Laser Hair Removal: Whether the results of the treatment are permanent or temporary?

During summertime, most women are not happy that they have to go to a parlor and remove the unwanted hairs. The process of waxing also take time and for some of them, it is painful also. If you don’t feel like visiting the parlor again and again then you should get laser hair removal treatment. This option of treatment you should consider for long-time results. It is one of the most commonly used procedures among many people.

What is the Laser hair removal procedure?

During the surgery, it uses light which targets the pigment in individual hairs. The concentrated light travels from the shaft of the hair and then they reach the hair follicles. This destroys the hair follicles and due to this, the hair will not grow back.

Your hairs usually grow in hair cycle which involves three phases growing, resting and shedding of hairs. When the hairs are removed they need to be in a growing phase otherwise, they will not be removed easily. You have to wait if the hairs are in the resting phase. The treatment usually takes different sessions for two to three months.

Before the treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for at least six months. Cover yourself properly so that you don’t tan on your skin as it will become difficult to treat the area properly. Avoid plucking, waxing, or shaving your hairs for six months, before the treatment.

Is it permanent or temporary?

The removal of hairs with this treatment is permanent. However, people who choose this option can expect some hair growth in the targeted area. After some time, you can treat the area again so that it reduces the number of hairs that will grow again. Whereas in some cases, it is even possible to prevent the hair growth completely.

When the hair grows back, they are mostly light in color and due to this, they are less noticeable. This happens because the laser damages the hair follicles instead of destroying them.

The hair regrowth depends on numerous factors. It includes the type of hairs that grow again, from where you are getting the treatment, and the experience of the doctor.

If you are noticing hair growth after the treatment, then it happens because the laser did not destroy the hair follicles. It is very difficult to destroy every single hair follicles in the body. So, most people will notice re-growth of hairs. People who want to get rid of every single hair might require several treatments.

Sometimes the hairs are too short or light in color in this case, the treatment is not the best option. It will not show the effective and accurate results. You should consider other option of hair removal.

Benefits of the treatment

The treatment is performed in very less time. The laser takes only some seconds and it will treat so many hairs at one time. If you are getting the treatment of upper lip then it will take a few minutes and areas such as legs may take one hour. It does not damage the surrounding area of the skin.

Looking for a better alternative between the two – Waxing and Laser hair Removal?

ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్లో లేజర్ హెయిర్ రిమూవల్ – లేజర్ కేశ తొలగింపు సేవ విశాఖపట్నం

Women want to get rid of unwanted hair from their certain body parts. For this, they have been using waxing traditionally for over the years. Waxing is an easy method of hair removal which can be performed at home or at a parlor or salon.

Laser Hair Removal

The other method which has become popular over the recent few decades is laser hair removal

This method involves the usage of laser light for hair removal. When the light comes in contact with melanin which is pigment in the hair, the light energy gets converted to heat energy which works against the hair follicles by damaging them causing a stoppage or slowing down of hair growth substantially.

How is waxing done?

In this method, the hot wax is applied to the hairy region from where hair is to be removed and then with the help of wax strip, hair is pulled out in its opposite direction. After this, the skin is cleaned with water and a napkin to remove the stickiness of wax. This is how axing is done. But, this is not a one-time treatment. The hair is to be removed every week, fortnight, or monthly depending on the hair growth. Besides, this can lead to some burns on the skin if the wax is too hot and many people experience a burning sensation after getting the waxing done. Also, waxing is a painful procedure for many as hair is pulled from its roots with force.

Distinguishing between laser hair removal and waxing

  • Longevity: laser hair removal offers a long-term solution to the hair removal and people can respond as early as 3 to 4 sessions or maximum 6 to 12 sessions observing thinning of hair growth and removal of hair permanently from the skin. Whereas the process of waxing does lead to hair removal for 3 to 4 weeks on removal, the hair reappears with the same growth after passing of certain time.
  • The pain involved: laser hair removal is an absolutely painless procedure in which hair is removed with the laser light causing no pain at all to the individual while the process of waxing is very painful when the hair is pulled with force from the roots making some women even scream while getting waxing done.
  • Cost consideration: waxing seems to be an economic process when a bill of only a few bucks is to be paid at the salon or the waxing equipment which is bought at home is quite reasonable. On the other hand, a considerable amount goes out for paying the bill of laser hair removal. Still, if the costs are compared in the long run, waxing turns out to be a costly procedure all in all with more visits to the salon or more sessions at home which are of recurring nature. In contrast, the cost constraint which appears to be bigger in terms of laser hair removal is less when evaluated carefully as it only involves a few sessions.

All in all, waxing is ideal for those who want only periodic removal of their hair and laser hair removal is suitable for those who want to have a permanent solution to their unwanted hair growth.

Determining The Costs Involved In Laser Hair Removal And Availability Of Finance Options

The removal of unwanted hair has become quite common these days. Generally, women are found to engage in laser hair removal to get relief from regular salon visits and to get rid of the pain caused by hair removing at the salons. The unwanted hair when removed scientifically by usage of laser light is termed laser hair removal.


People are of the opinion that as it is a treatment that prices of laser hair removal must be exorbitant or exceptionally high. Surprisingly, the laser hair removal is quite affordable.For example, removal of hair from chin or under legs is very less due to less area. The hair removal cannot be done in a day or in just one single sitting. It requires 4 to 6 visits depending on the density of hair and the area from where is to be removed.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment



Chin 2500
Upper Lip 2000
Eye Brows 3000
Under Arms 3500
Full Hands 7000
Full Legs 10000
Full Face 5000
Full body 33000


The cost of hair removal through laser technique varies from the area of the body where from where hair is to be removed. The average price varies from 2,000 rupees to 33,000 rupees. The cost of removal of hair from chin is 2500 rupees whereas, the hair removal of upper lip comes to be around 2000 rupees. The eyebrows hair setting and removal of extra hair can be charged 3000 rupees and that of underarms costs 3500 rupees. Getting rid of unwanted hair of full arms is around 7000 rupees and full legs is 10000 rupees. A full face free of hair permanently leads to drawing of 5000  rupees and full body is 33000 rupees.


The finance options are not widely available in case of laser hair removal as it is a service availed by some and not many. Thus, most of the finance companies do not provide finance option for laser treatment. Although, in the long run, the cost of laser hair treatment is quite economical still drawing out money from the pocket at once may seem a difficult option to all.

That is why most of the clinics and dermatologists that offer laser hair removal services have started in-house financing and assistance. Most of them accept credit cards that make it easier for the interested person to get hair removal done. Besides, there are installment payment options that make it even more affordable for the client to bear the cost of hair removal treatment.


As the finance options are provided in the clinic of the dermatologists, the application procedure is quite easy and instant. The service providers are immediately available to offer help thus making it a speedy process. Overall, laser hair is not at all a costly proposition. It is a very pocket-friendly and affordable treatment.