Laser Hair Removal: Whether the results of the treatment are permanent or temporary?

    During summertime, most women are not happy that they have to go to a parlor and remove the unwanted hairs. The process of waxing also take time and for some of them, it is painful also. If you don’t feel like visiting the parlor again and again then you should get laser hair removal treatment. This option of treatment you should consider for long-time results. It is one of the most commonly used procedures among many people.

    What is the Laser hair removal procedure?

    During the surgery, it uses light which targets the pigment in individual hairs. The concentrated light travels from the shaft of the hair and then they reach the hair follicles. This destroys the hair follicles and due to this, the hair will not grow back.

    Your hairs usually grow in hair cycle which involves three phases growing, resting and shedding of hairs. When the hairs are removed they need to be in a growing phase otherwise, they will not be removed easily. You have to wait if the hairs are in the resting phase. The treatment usually takes different sessions for two to three months.

    Before the treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for at least six months. Cover yourself properly so that you don’t tan on your skin as it will become difficult to treat the area properly. Avoid plucking, waxing, or shaving your hairs for six months, before the treatment.

    Is it permanent or temporary?

    The removal of hairs with this treatment is permanent. However, people who choose this option can expect some hair growth in the targeted area. After some time, you can treat the area again so that it reduces the number of hairs that will grow again. Whereas in some cases, it is even possible to prevent the hair growth completely.

    When the hair grows back, they are mostly light in color and due to this, they are less noticeable. This happens because the laser damages the hair follicles instead of destroying them.

    The hair regrowth depends on numerous factors. It includes the type of hairs that grow again, from where you are getting the treatment, and the experience of the doctor.

    If you are noticing hair growth after the treatment, then it happens because the laser did not destroy the hair follicles. It is very difficult to destroy every single hair follicles in the body. So, most people will notice re-growth of hairs. People who want to get rid of every single hair might require several treatments.

    Sometimes the hairs are too short or light in color in this case, the treatment is not the best option. It will not show the effective and accurate results. You should consider other option of hair removal.

    Benefits of the treatment

    The treatment is performed in very less time. The laser takes only some seconds and it will treat so many hairs at one time. If you are getting the treatment of upper lip then it will take a few minutes and areas such as legs may take one hour. It does not damage the surrounding area of the skin.

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