Determining The Costs Involved In Laser Hair Removal And Availability Of Finance Options

Determining The Costs Involved In Laser Hair Removal And Availability Of Finance Options

Determining The Costs Involved In Laser Hair Removal And Availability Of Finance Options

The removal of unwanted hair has become quite common these days. Generally, women are found to engage in laser hair removal to get relief from regular salon visits and to get rid of the pain caused by hair removing at the salons. The unwanted hair when removed scientifically by usage of laser light is termed laser hair removal.


People are of the opinion that as it is a treatment that prices of laser hair removal must be exorbitant or exceptionally high. Surprisingly, the laser hair removal is quite affordable.For example, removal of hair from chin or under legs is very less due to less area. The hair removal cannot be done in a day or in just one single sitting. It requires 4 to 6 visits depending on the density of hair and the area from where is to be removed.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment



Chin 2500
Upper Lip 2000
Eye Brows 3000
Under Arms 3500
Full Hands 7000
Full Legs 10000
Full Face 5000
Full body 33000


The cost of hair removal through laser technique varies from the area of the body where from where hair is to be removed. The average price varies from 2,000 rupees to 33,000 rupees. The cost of removal of hair from chin is 2500 rupees whereas, the hair removal of upper lip comes to be around 2000 rupees. The eyebrows hair setting and removal of extra hair can be charged 3000 rupees and that of underarms costs 3500 rupees. Getting rid of unwanted hair of full arms is around 7000 rupees and full legs is 10000 rupees. A full face free of hair permanently leads to drawing of 5000  rupees and full body is 33000 rupees.


The finance options are not widely available in case of laser hair removal as it is a service availed by some and not many. Thus, most of the finance companies do not provide finance option for laser treatment. Although, in the long run, the cost of laser hair treatment is quite economical still drawing out money from the pocket at once may seem a difficult option to all.

That is why most of the clinics and dermatologists that offer laser hair removal services have started in-house financing and assistance. Most of them accept credit cards that make it easier for the interested person to get hair removal done. Besides, there are installment payment options that make it even more affordable for the client to bear the cost of hair removal treatment.


As the finance options are provided in the clinic of the dermatologists, the application procedure is quite easy and instant. The service providers are immediately available to offer help thus making it a speedy process. Overall, laser hair is not at all a costly proposition. It is a very pocket-friendly and affordable treatment.