The science and process behind laser hair removal

The Science facts And Process Behind Laser Hair Removal

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    The Science facts And Process Behind Laser Hair Removal

    If you are searching all over the internet trying to understand the science and process behind laser hair removal, then you are in the right place.

    Things to take care of prior to a laser hair removal

    • Ensure the skin is residue and tan free
    • An area must be shaved 12-24 hours before the appointment
    • Exfoliate and remove any dead skin
    • Avoiding any chemicals
    • Avoiding excessive exposure to sun on the area being treated
    • Do not wax the hair or pluck them
    • Avoid using creams perfumes or any other tanning drugs

    The laser hair removal process

    1. First of all, an experienced laser hair removal specialist will perform counseling to understand your skin and hair type.
    2. Once the skin and hair type is studied it will be assessed that which laser machine type is best for you and the treatment begins
    3. The laser machines work by illuminating the hair follicle with concentrated light, inhibiting the hair`s ability to grow without causing any damage to the surface of the skin.
    4. Wide beam allows removing multiple hair follicles at the same time

    How many treatments do you need?

    There are very few chances that you may need several treatments because during all stages of hair growth the laser is not always responsive. Each part of the body has a different hair growth cycle, hair is most responsive in its initial growth stage. They absorb more light when they contain more pigment and thus making the treatment more successful

    Laser hair removal aftercare

    It may be seen as surgery and must be taken care of. Aftercare is important as much as the post. After the treatment has been done you may feel some mild heat and redness in that area. Its recommended that you use certain laser aids directly after the treatment to soothe the skin. It is an antibacterial cream which is similar to moisturizer, only its specially made to treat laser hair removals.

    We do not suggest shaving, waxing, plucking, exfoliating, excessive sweating, hot showers or tight clothing as a part of laser hair removal aftercare.It is also advised to avoid direct exposure to the sun as the harmful UV rays could damage healing follicles and protect the skin from it.

    Finally, there must be a stage when all the hair must shed, it’s a part of the process which helps in the treatment of any ingrown hairs

    If you are completely ready to give laser removal a try then find your nearest specialist and book your appointment now. As India is largest team of experienced laser hair removal experts, you may become a part of thousands of those who have already loved their laser hair removal treatments