What do you need to know about laser hair removal treatment in Vizag?

What do you need to know about laser hair removal treatment in Vizag?

What do you need to know about laser hair removal treatment in Vizag?

What do you need to know about laser hair removal treatment in Vizag?

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

All women want to look their best all the time. What’s better than having the safest and permanent option, like laser hair removal treatment to reduce the unwanted hair from the body. Treatment of Laser Hair Removal Vizag has become the best approach for the patients as its success rate is the proof. Laser hair removal has become a popular choice for removing the hair from the upper lip, bikini line, legs, armpits, and hands.

How does laser hair removal work?

During the procedure, the beam of light is passed to the skin which damages the hair follicles. The light converts itself into heat and it is going to stop the hair growth. With the esteemed and able surgeon, the hair removal treatment will be performed with the best treatment approach. Choosing the experienced professional will ensure that the complications are reduced and the possible side effects along with it.

Before you get the treatment, it is important to undergo the consultation and let the doctor know about your medical history. Once everything is determined, the treatment plan is strategized for you and you will be told about the treatment cost.

Pre-care instructions for laser treatment

With this treatment, you need to follow some of the basic instructions, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Before the treatment, the patient should stay out of the sun for six weeks. If you have tan or dark skin, then you will be given a bleaching cream.

You need to prohibit yourself from getting the hair removal procedure 4 weeks before the treatment along with waxing and plucking. Make sure that you stop the usage of anti-inflammatory medications as they might lead to blood thinning.

What undergoes the laser treatment?

The treatment is effectively completed within 2 to 6 sessions. The doctor will determine the place and location of hair growth and this way the interval between each session is decided.

While getting the treatment, you need to wear specs for eye protection. The procedure does not involve discomfort as the treated area will be applied with cool gel and anesthesia.

Initially, there is swelling and for that ice pack or steroid cream is of great help & you can recover faster. Even after getting the treatment, you need to limit sun exposure for six weeks. While getting the treatment, there is a need to get repetitive sessions for the new growth. The procedure results are not permanent but it will delay the hair growth for months and years. Even if the hair grows back the hair growth will be lighter and thicker in texture.


Undergoing the procedure is convenient, quick, non-invasive, and a perfect choice for women to get rid of unwanted hair. If you would like to book an appointment for the treatment, then feel free to do it anytime. Our esteemed and able doctors will help you give a strategized treatment plan to address the unwanted hair.