Shall I opt For Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Everyone wants to look too unique and beautiful, but he is unable due to certain abnormalities. People may not be happy with their natural appearance, that why they feel embarrassed and ugly. In this case, they go with cosmetic or plastic surgery, which is the best way to improve your natural appearance. If you are not happy with your nose shape, then you have to go with Rhinoplasty surgery. This is the type of plastic surgery, that gives you mind-blowing results according to your desire. Let’s talk about this nose job procedure in detail.

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgical procedure is beneficial to re-shape your nose or valuable to improve its function as well as shape. If you are not happy with your nose shape, then you must visit the best specialist and get the right treatment according to your nose shape. In addition to this, if you are feeling difficulty to take breathe, then you must go with this surgical procedure. This may happen due to several reasons such as injury, trauma, and any accident as well.

Types of Rhinoplasty

There are several types of rhinoplasty, that are valuable to improve your nose’s shape and appearance too. These are-:

  • Resizing the nostrils
  • Changing the nose’s shape and appearance (cosmetic surgery)
  • Adjusting the bridge
  • Removing the nasal hump
  • Widening the breathing passages
  • Correcting the shape of the nose after a trauma or injury

Several people ask as to how to choose the best surgeon to get this surgical procedure. You have to check several things in the surgeon such as the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, the reputation of the surgeon, and the location of the clinic. These are things that you need to consider while you are choosing a surgeon.

The procedure of the Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgical procedure is a type of plastic surgery. Take a look at procedure-:

  • First of all, your surgeon examines your overall health and ask you for any type of family history. If you are suffering from any type of health condition, then he will recommend you to undergo the treatment first. Otherwise, you will surely experience several problems in the future after getting treatment.
  • After that, he will examine your nose condition and then tell you how to treat it as well as to improve the appearance of the nose.
  • At last, he fixes the date when you have to undergo the treatment according to your schedule.
  • At the time of surgery, your surgeon first gives you the local or general anesthesia, so that you cannot feel pain or discomfort.
  • Then he makes small incisions to reshape the inner bone as per your desires.

Risks that are associated with this surgery

There are several risks associated with nose job procedure include-:

  • Scarring at the base of the nose
  • Nose bleeding
  • Infection, if you do not take care of yourself after the surgery
  • An allergic reaction to the anesthesia
  • Bursting of the minute blood vessels on the surface of the skin
  • Numbness
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Swelling

What are the topmost reasons to get cosmetic surgery during winter?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: With the new year, people make new resolutions. This is a perfect time to start fresh and think about yourself to be a better person. Well, some people want to look young and feel best about themselves. In that case, undergoing cosmetic surgery during winters is the best choice.

In fact, winters are the preferred choice for people to get cosmetic procedures. One of the reasons is that you are going to spend a lot of time indoors, in the comfort of your home you can smoothly recover from the surgery. 

Topmost reasons for getting the cosmetic procedure in winters

Motivation to do something new

With the new year, many people make a goal that they want to achieve. Having a fresh start is the best choice for you and what’s better than giving yourself some time. It will be a motivation for you to do something to make your look young and youthful.

Holiday season means smooth recovery

Winters are all about the festive season which eventually means off from work. This means you will be spending more time at home. This way you can give yourself after the surgery to recover and heal from the procedure. Eventually, the results of the treatment will be better. Moreover, you will have your family with you you can help you in the recovery phase.

Hiding away the post-surgery signs

If you get the surgery during summers then it will be difficult to hide the swelling and bandages. But, with winter clothes your body is covered properly which means you can easily hide the post-surgery signs. All the swelling and bandages will be hidden under the clothes so one can tell that you have undergone the cosmetic procedure.

Avoiding the sunlight exposure

Mostly following the surgery it is suggested that patients should avoid getting in the sunlight. The harsh rays of the sun can make it difficult to heal properly. But, in the winter season, it becomes easy to avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Show-off your new look by summer

This means that by spring or summer you will be ready to flaunt your new and young version of yourself.

Which cosmetic procedures are in more demand?

To remove fat and signs of aging are currently on the top. Additionally, weight loss surgery is becoming popular to tighten the body parts properly after a significant weight loss. Some of the options of the anti-aging procedure include:

  • Facelifts
  • Eyelid surgeries
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Neck lift

Body contouring procedures

At the time the diet and exercise do not effectively remove stubborn fat. This is where surgical procedures work effectively to make the person look well-proportioned again.

  • Liposuction
  • Body sculpting
  • Upper arm and thigh lifts
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast surgery


Are you pondering to know everything about Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Millions of ladies taking this breast Augmentation surgery in order to improve the size, shape, and fullness of the breast. This is a well-known procedure among those ladies, who have small and asymmetrical breast as well.

Well, this is a type of cosmetic surgery in Visakhapatnam, which offers you mind-blowing results only in a few weeks. For this, you need to visit the cosmetic surgeon, so that you can get the proper check-up about your condition. He will guide you properly everything so that you can get the perfect shape and size. In this surgery, your surgeon places the Silicone and saline breast implants under the breast tissue. You may not know that these breast Implants last up to 10 years.

Who is an ideal candidate for Breast Augmentation?

There are several reasons, why you need to undergo this Breast augmentation treatment option. These are-:

  • Women who want to increase the size of their breasts that are naturally small.
  • Who want to restore breast shape and size as well after delivering a baby, due to breastfeeding and weight loss as well.
  • Women who have asymmetrical breasts than you are good candidates for this type of surgery.
  • Women who wish to restore the breasts after surgical treatment.

What are breast implants?

Breast implants are explained as an artificial breast, that is valuable to improve the size and shape of the breasts. These are placed inside the women’s breast in order to reconstruct, augment, and to improve the structure of the breast. In addition to this, Breast implants include Several compounds but silicone and saline are main compounds that are used to improve the condition of your breasts. Well, there are 3 types of breast implants such as-:

  • Saline Implants-: These are completely looking like saltwater and these type of implants are filled with different types of saline solution.
  • Silicone gel-filled implants-: The outer shell of these types of implants are made with silicone and then it is filled with a gel that is made of silicone.
  • Alternative composite implants-: These types of implants usually filled with the help of two types of materials such as soy oil and polypropylene string.

Moreover, these breast implants are useful to improve your self-confidence and look as well. This is a completely safe and secure procedure, that does not have any type of side effect. If you want to get this breast augmentation procedure, then you must visit the cosmetic surgery clinic. Only a cosmetic surgeon can guide you properly about everything related to breast implants and this procedure.

Make sure, you must find the right surgeon for this treatment option, because he has a great deal of knowledge about everything, and he will surely examine your health first of all, then recommend the right treatment according to your condition.

What are the topmost tips to examine before and after photos of cosmetic surgery?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: In order to get the best cosmetic surgery, you must visit a well-known cosmetic surgeon. Before going through surgery, you must consider several factors that tell you about the popularity of the surgeon.

First of all, you must go with before and after photos of previous patients. This is the best way to find the right information about a cosmetic surgeon. Well, millions of people go through cosmetic surgery in Visakhapatnam, to get an impressive look. Their photos will tell you a reality about the clinic and surgeon as well. 

Tips to compare before and after photos of cosmetic surgery.

Camera distances and poses

  • You must check the poses and camera distance is similar or not. If not then we must ask the surgeon about it.
  • In addition to this, you also, check the facial expressions of a patient, if they are similar in both before and after photos, then, the surgeon is right for you.
  • Since these days, this can also be done with the help of photoshop or other software, so you must be aware of it.
  • You must check treated area photographs carefully for proper knowledge.

Check to the light of photography

Well, you must check the lighting of photographs, in order to get proper knowledge. This includes-:

  • Several patients usually attend post-operative photo sessions at different times. So, due to this photo lighting may differ from before photos.
  • You may not know that photos may be taken at different locations or in different rooms. You must ask your surgeon about this as well if you are still in doubt.
  • Additionally, you must check the shadows of before and after photos as well, these will clear you everything in detail.

Outcomes vary from person to person

  • You do not expect similar results as others, because cosmetic surgery results vary from person to person.
  • It is normal that you are before photos may similar to others, but after photos will surely different from others.
  • You also look at certain body parts and their positions such as-:
  1. Arm positions
  2. Torso angles
  3. Foot distance
  4. Shoulder levels

Check Image quality and contrast also

  • Normally, good surgeons only use the best quality cameras to click photos. You can easily notice the difference in image quality and contrast as well.
  • You can easily find if the photos have very low resolution and contrast, then you do not go with that surgeon.

Moreover,  If you are still in doubt then we must talk to the surgeon directly and ask him questions. Otherwise, you do not go with him, if he is unable to clear your doubts.

Hair Transplant before and after photos of Results in India

Hair Transplant before and after photos of Results in India


Face Lift Surgery before and after photos of Results in India

Lip Correction Surgery before and after photos of Results in India

Cosmetic Surgery: Skin is sagging after Bariatric surgery, Here’s what you need to do

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: So, you have recently got weight loss surgery, but there is a problem of saggy skin which is not letting you have the body you dream of. Well, do not worry as we have got the solution for you. 

Different options of Body Contouring procedures

With the arm lift procedure, the excess skin between the elbow and armpit is removed. Excess skin is removed from the backside of the arm where incisions are placed. After that, the remaining skin is pulled and secured which gives a smooth upper arm.

  • Body lift

If you have undergone drastic weight loss then body lift procedure is very beneficial for you. In this process, around the body 2 incisions are made: at the belly button level and another where the abdomen meets the leg. The skin which is removed it creates a band of tissue. Once the excess skin and fat are removed it helps in providing a tight and compact skin in different parts of the body. If you are facing problems then visit our surgeon to get the best treatment plan of Cosmetic surgery in Visakhapatnam.

With the weight loss surgery, the inner thigh becomes saggy which is quite uncomfortable. In this procedure, the excess skin is removed by placing the incisions in the crease of the groin and then excess skin is lifted to place it at the proper place. The thigh will become tight and inner thigh tissue will become smooth which improves the leg’s appearance.

At times, the excess skin is present on the abdomen which can be very frustrating as you cannot wear your favorite clothes. The incisions which are placed with this procedure are from hip bone to hip bone. Excess skin is removed and the abdominal muscles, sutures are placed which helps in strengthening the core. Once everything is done, incisions will be closed giving you a flat tummy.

After the weight loss, the breast can change dramatically. For breast surgery, the procedure of breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction is included. With the surgery, the breast size will become proportional to the rest of the body.

Liposuction Surgery: To remove stubborn fat from the body, this procedure is very helpful. With this, the fat on the arms, back, chin, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips is removed. The best part is that scarring is minimal as the incisions are very small.

Combining procedures in one surgery

Yes, you read it right it is possible to combine various procedures. This will reduce the recovery time, along with that swelling and bruising will be less. In the long run, it will benefit you a lot. To know more book your appointment with our surgeon.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery: Everything you need to know about cosmetic surgeries?

What is cosmetic facial surgery?

Cosmetic facial surgery is` performed to improve the appearance of your face and some other body parts. People who are not happy with their natural appearance are the main candidates for this surgery. This is the surgery which is totally safe and secure additionally, give you more natural and effective results. The main features which you want to improve with the help of cosmetic facial surgery are aging effects, nose re-shaping, excess fat removal, and improve the appearance of breasts.


What types of cosmetic procedures are available these days?

There are various types of cosmetic procedures are available in this modern era. These are listed below:

These all the treatments are safe and secure but the majority of people take Facelift surgery in Vizag because our surgeons are too experienced and trained.

What to expect before, during, and after the cosmetic facial treatment?

The primary factor to consider while you are thinking to get cosmetic facial treatment is to understand the theory of treatment. Don’t go for the treatment Without understanding the whole process of cosmetic facial treatment. You have to follow all the instructions before and after the treatment which are given by your surgeon.

Before the cosmetic procedure

When you go for your first consultation you must bring your previous procedures

detail copy so that your surgeon can easily examine your health conditions. Don’t hesitate, if you want to ask anything to your chosen doctor then you should ask him directly.

In this consultation, your surgeon will give you all the details about the procedure and pre-care instructions.

During the procedure

Don’t worry this is a totally safe and secure procedure, you do not face any type of side effect even after the cosmetic facial treatment. During the process, in the starting, your surgeon will give you the anesthesia in order to keep you calm and relax during the whole process. And then he will start this process, additionally, he may give you fillers injection if you need.

After the procedure

You must follow all the post-care instructions which are given by your surgeon for effective results. You should take proper rest and sleep in order to reduce the risk of swelling. In addition to this, if you are regular or passive smoker then must quit smoking because it may worsen your condition over time. Moreover, you should only take those medicines which are prescribed by your surgeon such as any type of painkillers.

Find: Before & after Results


Cosmetic Surgery: How cosmetic surgery makes women look more likable?

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are specially designed to improve your appearance so that you can look younger and attractive than the previous time. In addition, this cosmetic surgery is useful to improve your self-esteem as well.

Types of cosmetic surgeries

There are several types of cosmetic surgeries which give you permanent and effective results. These include chin surgery, cosmetic dentistry, botox, facelift,

Cheek lift, neck lift, laser scar removal process, and Rhinoplasty. These all are useful for facial appearance and for the body are explained below such as

How cosmetic surgery makes women look more likable?

A recent study reveals that cosmetic surgeries change your appearance and women look more likable. Let’s have a look at how cosmetic surgery in Vizag change your appearance and you look more likable.

The researchers said that all types of cosmetic surgeries are useful to treat your facial appearance because these all the surgeries are performed with the help of your own skin cells. That’s why you look younger and adorable and also experience fewer side effects such as swelling which may be faded away within days. Moreover, this will result in a natural looking appearance and give you lasting results.

In 2012, one study selects the person who was suffering from facial problems from past 9 years. And perform cosmetic surgery on his face in order to examine the results. After performing the cosmetic surgery they reveal the truth related to surgery that you look more adorable or attractive after getting cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, there are some benefits to cosmetic surgeries.

Natural looking results

These cosmetic surgeries will give you more natural looking and permanent results of that you won’t need any type of cosmetic surgery in life in order to improve your appearance.

Boost your self-confidence

These surgeries are useful to boost your self-confidence which you lost due to not proper appearance. Now, you will be able to do all the works for you may find new work opportunities with you more attractive face.

Do not have any side effect

These surgeries are an effective solution for all the persons who want to improve their appearance. Since these surgeries do not have any type of side effects such as redness swelling and irritation. Due to this, you will able to get better results and to look more likable.

Furthermore, if you want to get proper and effective results from cosmetic surgeries must visit us once. We will guide you about the right treatment option and tells you how these cosmetic surgeries are effective and give you better results.

What is the need of getting cosmetic surgery, expectations, advantages, and risk?

In the past few years, the demand for cosmetic surgery has risen a lot. This is because cosmetic surgery helps in improving the appearance of the person which will eventually increase the self-confidence and self-esteem. You can get cosmetic surgery on part of the body as well as the face.

Need for getting cosmetic surgery

You should first ask yourself why you need this and are you really doing it for yourself? Secondly why you want to change and what? What are your expectations from the surgery? Lastly, your surgeon should also agree that the goals you want to have are reasonable or not. You can also get Cosmetic surgery in Vizag.

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery if you know the results will be appropriate, it helps you to make your decision more easily and in a better way. If something is not clear then make sure you ask the surgeon so that he/she can tell you whether you have to reconsider the option or not.

Expectations of cosmetic surgery

We have all have the expectation that we want this type of results from the surgery. For this, it is necessary to discuss with the surgeon about the entire process in detail. It will be beneficial to know everything and what will happen after the surgery. Keep this thing in mind that it won’t change your life but it will help you change the appearance which you might want.

Additionally, consider whether you can afford the entire cost of the surgery as cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance companies. Do not fall for the advertisements, it is better if you directly consult the surgeon. Once your consultation is done, who will have to properly evaluate your decision?

If you are feeling anxious about anything share your thoughts with the surgeon. In the end, they are the who can guide you better and you will surely feel more comfortable.

The procedure of cosmetic surgery

During the procedure, general anesthesia is given to the patients to reduce any type of discomfort. Procedures like facial fillers can be performed with local anesthesia. Before the surgery, you will get to see the surgeon if you want to ask any question.

Once the procedure is done, you will get the prescription and post-surgical care. This will help you know what you have to do and to avoid. In case, there are any issue phone numbers will be given to you so that you can share the problem and get the solution.

The risk with Cosmetic Surgery

There is some type of risk and complications involved with cosmetic surgery. The risk is aggravated because of bad lifestyle habits which can result in obesity, diabetes, blood clot, stroke, and lung disease.

Some possible complications are the infection, anesthesia-related issue, mild bleeding, scarring, tingling, and numbness.

When can I attain Abdominoplasty?

We live in a world of smartness and in case you don’t match the standards, you may find yourself segregated from your peers. Abdominoplasty is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures that works by eliminating excess fat from the lower and middle part of the abdomen. Your cosmetic surgeon will lastly tighten the abdominal muscles to achieve a perfect contour.

When & Why is Abdominoplasty considered as an option?

Normally, the immediate way 0f attaining a perfect body shape is through diet and physical exercises. In some cases, stubborn fat may require other technical measures to rest from deformity or irregular body shapes. Things like love handles are no longer an issue once the right surgeon is selected for the surgery.

In the same way, any individual, both males, and females can opt for abdominoplasty as long as healthy and have excess fat that prevails regardless of the measures taken to eliminate it.

Forms/Types of Abdominoplasty you may consider

There are various abdominoplasty surgeries each selected after an evaluation. These include;

Partial Abdominoplasty- In this, a given amount of fat and skin are eliminated from the abdomen and the skin is then stitched back to normal.

Complete Abdominoplasty- In this procedure, an incision is made from hip to hip, all the excess fat is removed and the skin and later on the abdominal wall is tightened to achieve a steady shape/appearance.

An Extended Abdominoplasty- This is a comprehensive procedure in which the surgeon eliminates all the excess fat and skin and also performs a thigh lift.

The abdominoplasty surgery is associated with side effects like bleeding, nerve damage, swelling, infection, blood clots among others. It is recommended that caution is taken after the surgery.

Cosmetic procedure: What are the various procedures that help in treating the wrinkles?

Although wrinkles are a sign of wisdom or maturity. As we age, we all have a certain type of wrinkles. The treatment which helps in treating the normal skin aging is generally termed as cosmetic and they are not covered by health insurance.

Following are the different types of Procedures help in treating Wrinkles

  • Laser Light and radio frequency treatment

      The problem of wrinkles can be treated with laser resurfacing, during the procedure, laser light is used which helps in destroying the outer layer of the skin by a laser beam. Basically, it heats the underlying skin and it also increases the growth of collagen fibers.

The recovery time of this procedure is long. Once the wound is completely healed the skin becomes tighter and smooth. After the procedure, the risk is scarring and the skin may get either light or dark in color.

However, this process has to be repeated more than once. During the procedure, radio frequency is used to treat the problem.

  • Botulinum toxin injections

      This is another option which can reduce some type of wrinkles and it is also known as ‘Botox’. They are used to treat the forehead and frown lines which result from making a facial expression. These injections are also helpful in reducing the lines from the corner of the eyes. The doctor will inject the injection into specific muscles on the face. This basically helps in relaxing the muscles and it reduces the wrinkles and fine line on the face. To see it effect it will take at least two or three days and to notice the difference you have to wait for one or two weeks. The time duration of this treatment is three to six months. These injections are not suitable if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can visit our clinic to get Botox Treatment In India.

  • Face Lift procedure

      One of the best and most effective methods is face-lift. The best candidate for this procedure is under the age group of 40 to 80. As we age, the skin gets loose or it becomes saggy in the lower face. Before the procedure, the patient is given general anesthesia for pain relief. The surgeon will incisions around the hairline, at the temples, or around the ear. After that the tissue is distributed again, the face muscle is lifted and before the skin is re-draped, the excess skin is trimmed. For a few days, swelling and bruising are very common. For the first few weeks, compression garments should be worn, vigorous activity is not advised, and only walking is permitted. For the procedure of Face-lift in India, all the latest techniques and methods are used.

  • Dermal filler injections

      To make your skin look plump, fuller, and smooth, a dermal filler is the best option. They are mostly used around the nose to reduce the lines and to enhance the shape of the lips. The results of the procedure can be either temporary or permanent. The dermal filler is injected into the skin surface with a very small needle. The results also depend on how you take care of your skin and they mostly last for 3 to 18 months.