Comparison of plastic and cosmetic surgeon

Are You Wondering About The Difference Between Plastic Surgeon And Cosmetic Surgeon?

Are You Wondering About The Difference Between Plastic Surgeon And Cosmetic Surgeon?

Plastic surgery is explained as a surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction, alteration, and restoration of the various parts of the human body. This procedure can be classified into two main categories:-

Reconstructive surgery involves the microsurgery, treatment of burns, hand surgery, and craniofacial surgery. The motive of this surgery is to improve the functioning of the human body by reconstructing the body part. Whereas, the motive of cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of the human body. 

What do you mean by plastic surgery?

Many people relate plastic surgery with liposuction and nose jobs. However, this procedure aims to restore the functioning of the damaged area of the body along with enhancing the appearance.

A variety of surgical techniques are being used by the plastic surgeons which include skin grafts, flap surgery, and microvascular surgery. In this procedure, surgeons remove the active, healthy and live tissues which include muscles, fat, skin from one body part to another which are affected by the tumors, traumatic injuries, birth defects, and other conditions.

Some of the examples of plastic surgery are:

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Hand surgery
  • Skin cancer removal
  • Scar revision

Cosmetic surgery which are preferred by people on the neck and head, trunk area, arms, and legs includes:-

What do you mean by cosmetic surgery?

The cosmetic procedure involves plastic surgery as well as surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the appearance of the human body.

Examples of cosmetic surgery are:-

Training and Certification Differences

Plastic surgeons and board-certified cosmetic surgeons hold two distinct education and training tracks.

A plastic surgeon who are board-certified:

  • Must complete medical schooling of 4 years.
  • Must complete 6 years of medical residency along with the general and plastic surgery training which also includes surgery training for cosmetic reasons.

A cosmetic surgeon who are board-certified:

  • Must complete a medical schooling of4 years.
  • Must complete a medical residency of 4-6 years. in any of below-mentioned specialties:

1. Obstetrics and gynecology

2. Oral and maxillofacial surgery

3. General surgery

4. Dermatology


6. Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat)

  • Must complete a training program of cosmetic surgery for 2 years.

What to consider to choose the best Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon?

  • Board-certified:- You have to choose the highly-qualified and board-certified surgeon so that the surgeon is being performed by the safe hands.
  • Experience:- You have to choose the surgeon which is having sufficient experience. You must research on best and renowned surgeons and check reviews of other customers.