What Is The New And Futuristic Technology Used In Hair Restoration?

What Is The New And Futuristic Technology Used In Hair Restoration?


With the futuristic tools and techniques, it is not an easy surgery to perform for the surgeons but also the patient who is undergoing the surgery need not worry about the complication of hair transplant surgery that used to have in the past.

Now Hair Transplant in Vizag is not a task that should instil fear or worry in the minds of the people who are deciding to go for a hair transplant.

Hair Restoration And Its High-Tech Technology!

With the introduction of techniques that are seen to be futuristic like PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and Photobiomodulation (Low-Level Laser Light), the robots have been also an addition to new updates in restoration or Hair Transplant in Kakinada.

The development of new and innovative therapeutic tools that the clinicians are using to slow hair loss or fall and also helps to maintain and increase the growth of hair. 

Robots And Their Role In Hair Transplant!

With the technology and its development, it has been easier to achieve natural-looking hairline growth than what was possible in the past. Manually harvesting the hair follicles has fewer advantages over the robotic harvesting of hair follicles. Hair transplant techniques have gradually grown or progressed from using plugs that are large to the harvesting of follicular units in hair restoration therapy.

With the help of robots assisted technique, the clinicians or surgeon can harvest in a minimal transaction between 800-100 hair follicular units in an hour. With less amount of time taken, robotic-assisted techniques transplant hair in a more automated fashion. 

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) And Its Benefits

With minimal risk of immune rejection and infection, PRP has gained popularity in recent times in helping the restoration of hair procedures incorporated with hair transplant surgery.

There are different forms of PRP available; some activate the platelets before the PRP is injected whereas others activate their platelets in association with the injection.

PRP helps the patient to achieve its desired result sooner than later, as it appears that the PRP boosts the hair cycle. That is why PRP therapy has been usually recommended by surgeons to their patients who are in dire need of it according to their requirements. 

Photobiomodulation And Its Uses!

Also known as Low-Level Laser Light, it is an effective and useful adjunctive therapy that is incorporated with other techniques like PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) or Minoxidil in hair transplant strategies. It can also be used as a monotherapy.

If the patient has a non-scarring hair loss, the use of Photobiomodulation therapy is often used to help initiate the growth of the hair. Some doctors even recommend their patients to use these devices for a minimum of 4 months before assessing the progress of the treatment.