Everything you need to know about the total number of hair in a graft

Everything you need to know about the total number of hair in a graft

Everything you need to know about the total number of hair in a graft

A hair transplant procedure was performed many years ago. Earlier the hair restoration procedure used to give doll looking hair which was through plugs. The problem occurred because in each graft there were around 30 hair.

The major change in the hair to grafts

Thankfully, the surgical procedure of transplanting hair grafts has evolved a lot. Today, the treatment can give natural and undetectable results. With this treatment, even the hairline will get the natural look which you always wanted. This happens due to the hair growing naturally in groups which are known as follicular units.

How many hair in the graft is considered a natural hair group?

The current and latest method of preserving the donor area helped in giving a natural look. The follicular unit contains 1 to 4 hair. Our surgeon will place the grafts in the problematic or recipient area in a strategic way which helped in giving natural results. The surgeon will carefully place them so that they grow naturally and blend with the rest of the hair. So, this way it helped to get the following benefits:

  • It helps in creating a natural hairline
  • Maximum coverage is achieved
  • Natural-looking density even with small amounts of hair.

New and improved technique with Advanced skills

No doubt, precision, and skills are needed to place the FU intact and in a natural way. Follicular unit transplantation separates the hair in groups of 1 to 4 hair. This way the hair grafts are placed in the right place. So, how are the grafts placed?

  • For the hairline single hair, FU is used.
  • Two hair units behind.
  • Following that, 3 and 4 units are placed which increases the density.

The best part of FU is that it gives a natural appearance and the ability to place them close enough makes everything even better. Once the hair grafts are transplanted, the hair will grow naturally within one year. The patient will be able to notice the initial regrowth of hair within 3 months and following that the hair growth will be permanent and natural.

Designing the hair Restoration

When the treatment is planned it is vital to mix each hair grouping, otherwise, it will look unnatural. Moreover, it will also impact hair density. The hair growth can look like plugs.

This is why the treatment of FUE and FUT is the best approach for the person dealing with hair loss.

Consult the doctor

If you are planning to get the treatment, then you should consult your doctor to discuss what kind of treatment plan you will get.