Understanding FUE hair transplant method and its time frame

FUE: How much time we need to wait to see results after FUE hair transplant?

FUE: How much time we need to wait to see results after FUE hair transplant?

What is the FUE hair transplant method?

FUE hair transplant stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a totally advanced and modern method. In addition, this is the method which gives you the benefit of less scarring and minimal recovery time.  This method does not leave any scar on the donor hair area because in this method no strips are used. Moreover, this method takes 6-8 hours to perform which totally depends on the hair loss reason and condition.

How much time do we need to wait to see results after FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant in India is a safe and secure method which gives you more benefits as compared to other procedures. This gives you a benefit of less scarring and minimal recovery time, in which you can notice hair growth within 3 months. If you need permanent results then it will take some time to show results. Moreover, the results depend on post care, if you are following all the instructions carefully then you will be able to see results in minimal time.

The day after hair transplant surgery

You are able to see hair follicles at your transplanted area that were transplanted by your surgeon. If you see them for some distance then it looks like red dots, and you may feel swelling at that area. You must follow all the instructions which are given by your surgeon for better and early results. In addition, you may also notice redness which will disappear over time or within a week.

After a week

After a week you may notice some hair fall which is the phase of a hair growth cycle. No need to worry because this temporary and you will see new hair growth after some days or within months. You must wear a hat and headband in order to protect your scalp and implanted area. Moreover, you should go outside in sunlight, it will harm your scalp and implanted region.

Three months after the FUE Hair Transplant

This is a time period when you start noticing hair growth. After three months you are able to see the appropriate results. Many people claim that this hair transplant technique does not give instant results but this is wrong. Because your hair transplant procedure totally depends on your own hair follicles and cells. Since your surgeon collects hair grafts from the back of the head. So it depends on your post care and health condition.

6 months after the hair transplant

You will notice more hair growth after six months but you do not stop following the instructions of your surgeon. Because these will lead to better and natural looking results. You have to some patient in order to get permanent results. Moreover, you will be able to see full hair thickness, density, and growth within a year. And you do not need any extra care after this procedure.