The main reasons of hair loss in teenagers are prevention and treatment

The main reasons of hair loss in teenagers are prevention and treatment

The main reasons of hair loss in teenagers are prevention and treatment

There are several factors on which the problem of hair loss depends and one of the main factor is age. But these days even teenagers are facing this problem and because of the embarrassment of losing hair prematurely they even undergo the treatment of hair transplant and sometimes because of the nasty work done on their scalp they regret it the whole life.

In this article i will tell you some of the main causes of hair loss in early twenties along with its prevention and possible hair treatments.

1. Hormones: The first major cause of early age hair loss is hormones. There are various types of hormones in the human body, which determine the functioning and appearance of the body. Due change in lifestyle and diet of the person these hormones imbalance and cause various problems and one of them is hair loss.

2. Medicine:  Most of the time medicine is the cause of hair loss. If you take any kind of medication and are facing hair loss, then this could be the reason. You should consult your doctor about the side effects of the medicines you take.

3. Genes: It is common to see this problem in generations of a family tree. Just like diabetes could be passed through mother to the child, this problem could be passed too. If this is the case, then your hair loss can not be prevented or treated. You can consult a general physician about this problem.

4. Styling: Sometimes hair treatments done on the hair like straightening, curling, smoothening and rebonding can also cause hair problems. High temperature and chemicals applied to the hair destroy the hair follicles and damage the scalp. It is never recommended to overuse such kinds of treatments.

How to prevent the early age hair fall?

The best and most effective way to prevent hair fall is that you change your lifestyle immediately. First of all you should change your diet. Eat more and more raw food like fruits and fresh vegetables. Replace packed and processed food with fruits and nuts. Consume dry fruits on a daily basis so that you can get essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acid. Consume adequate amount of water daily to detoxify your body. Quit smoking and drinking if you do, because these two also cause hair fall.

Exercise daily so that you can get sufficient amount of oxygen. Exercising increases blood flow in the scalp and every other organ of the body. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients in it and delivers it to the organs. Cardiovascular exercises and yoga will help you the most.