How many grafts are needed to get the treatment of hair transplant?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation CentreDr. C. Vijay Kumar: Hair loss issue is becoming very common for both men and women. In that case, one of the best treatment options is a hair transplant.

    Hair loss assessment

    First of all, the doctor will evaluate the problem that much hair you have lost. This is very essential, for determining the number of grafts which are needed for the procedure. Moreover, the surgeon will also make sure that the results which are looking to achieve should be achieved but it should be realistic.

    It might happen that 4000 hair grafts are required to see effective results. Whereas in some cases, the graft requirement might be less because hair loss is very less. Additionally, how many grafts will be taken out is dependent on the density of the hair.

    • If the hair is naturally thick then the surgeon will need a few grafts so that the required density is achieved to transplant the hair where growth is very less.
    • If the hair is thin, then more grafts will be required to get the best results.

    Before starting the procedure the surgeon will talk about the entire process in detail. If you think the grafts will be transplanted in more than one day then this is not the case. In most cases, the grafts are transplanted in one day. If the problem is more then might doctor divide the session to effectively transplant the grafts.

    If you are looking to get Hair Transplant in India then you can visit the doctor for the treatment.


    Graft requirement in different situations

    • 1000 to 200 hair grafts

    If the hair loss is not in excess then requirement in very minimum. On average, around 2000 grafts are required for transplant. Mostly, these many grafts are needed to correct the receding hairline, thinning hair, or small patches of hair loss around the crown area.

    • 2000 to 3500 hair grafts

    More grafts are required when the problem is in excess. In this case, the graft requirement is around 2000 to 3500 grafts. This will help to correct the issue of the crown of the head, middle scalp, sides, or frontal. This graft requirement help to restore the hair you have lost and get the natural look you want.

    • 3500 to 5000 hair grafts

    In case, if the problem is in excess then graft requirement is increased to 3000. This is referred to the situation when the patient is suffering from complete baldness or there is complete baldness in a certain area on the scalp. Many patients worry that they won’t be able to restore the hair, but with this hair transplant, many patients have successfully got their hair back which look natural and they are permanent also.

    Make sure you choose the best surgeon for the treatment because either skill and knowledge will make a lot of difference.

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