Hair loss in young age: There is new hope for early hair loss patients

    Visakhapatnam: Hair loss is a common health condition for every age group but nowadays young people encounter this problem the most. There are several causes of hair loss such as certain medications, puberty, hormonal changes, hereditary, some types of treatment, and poor nutrition.

    Poor nutrition and hormonal changes are primary causes of hair fall in young people. Some young people experience excessive hair loss which leads to bald spots or complete baldness. In this way get so many hair loss treatments such as shampoos, medications, and homemade treatments, But they are unable to get full growth of their hair.

    Hair transplant is the best and effective treatment for hair fall because it gives you successful results. It has 2 ways, for example, FUT and FUE. These are explained as Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction methods, which gives you natural-looking results. Nowadays, we additionally treat hair loss with stem cell therapy, which is a totally safe and secure method. Moreover, this method is also a process of hair restoration surgery.

    Stem Cell therapy for hair loss

    Human hair has 4 hair developing phases that are helpful to grow hair follicles effectively but damaged and dead follicles lead to baldness in young people.  A study discovers that stem cells are useful to stimulate the hair follicles.  They can be used in growing new follicles when transplanted onto the scalp.

    Additionally, this therapy is not only effective for hair loss but also enhances the quality and texture of your hair. This non-surgical therapy is totally safe and secure, also has no side effect. Moreover, you do not need any type of other hair loss treatment in the future.

    Stem Cell Therapy: The Process

    The procedure is too simple and easy if you are suffering from moderate hair loss than you need only 2 sessions to get this therapy. In the primary stage, the specialists will remove some hair follicles of yours, the state around 500. At that point, these follicles will be prepared and refined in a lab to create more stem cells.

    After 20 days, the second phase of this treatment will be executed. In this session or sitting, they will transplant prepared hair to your scalp. Here, they will embed all the handled hair onto your scalp. This is the least complex clarification for the procedure of immature microorganism treatment. In this procedure, the patient’s blood is drawn out, concentrated and isolated through a procedure called centrifugation. Moreover, this stem cell procedure is done for hair transplant treatment.

    This procedure has no side effects because it is done with hair transplant therapy and you do not need any type of antibiotic after this. You may feel a little discomfort but only for a few hours. After that, you feel relax and comfortable.

    So you know, hair transplant procedure is totally safe and offer you natural-looking results, this procedure is also safe and successful for people who face baldness at an early age due to some factors.

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