Arm Lift Treatment

    Arm Lift Treatment Is The Right Choice For The Bingo Wings


    Bingo Wings: Bingo wings are the situation of saggy dermis among the most of the mature men and women. This situation occurs when the person loses a lot of the weight. Loose hammocks, auntie arms, nanna wobble, etc are the common symptoms of the Bingo wings. Bingo wing condition may be hereditary among the people who possess the bingo wings gene.

    Bingo wing is the very unattractive situation in which you feel that your body looks more mature than your age. This creates the feeling of the disappointment when your excessive fat is dropping out.

    Alternatives to cope up with Bingo Wings:

    There are numbers of several alternatives to cop up with this Bingo Wings problem. You can do physical exercise. This is accomplished with awesome muscle tone beneath the wings. Another choice is the Liposuction. Bingo skin is the extra skin and not the fat. So, liposuction will not work with this. The only option is the arm lift treatment.


    Excessive fat on the underside of the upper arms and on the inside of the upper legs is commonly the result of the pregnancy, an extreme weight loss or ageing. An arm lift is commonly known as Brachioplasty and thigh lift can be the solution for the lost skin elasticity and excessive skin.

    Arm lift is the standard surgical procedure. It takes two hours to complete this surgery. This is done under general anaesthesia. The arm lift procedure involves the excess skin removal mostly on the inside of the upper arm and makes the skin tighter again. This treatment is also combined with the Liposuction treatment in order to remove the fatty tissue.

    Who can have this Arm Lift surgery?

    • The persons whose weight in the normal healthy range are suitable for the arm lift surgery.
    • The persons who have drastic lost in the weight and As a result, have loose and flabby skin.


    • After the surgery, the plastic surgeon will apply the bandage.
    • After the two weeks, the bandage will be removed and stitches will be taken out at the same day.
    • One should avoid the heavy efforts at least 4 weeks after the surgery.
    • Healing after the surgery will create some discomfort due to the skin tension around the scar borders.
    • In order to make the scar invisible, excessive skin is removed on the inside of the upper arm. In the starting three months, it can. After the year, The lift scar will be fade and become smoother. The scar needs to protect from the sun.
    • You have to take the painkillers for the several days. You require at least three days back to your normal routines.

    The first action you need to perform is to search for some professional. The only expert can perform the best arm lift surgery in India. The arm lift surgery in Visakhapatnam is performed by the expert team of professional who has 100% success rate in this profession.

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