Why is the problem of Gynecomastia / Male Breasts Increasing in Boys?

Gynecomastia Surgery in Anakapalli – Low Cost Male Breast Reduction Treatment

Gynecomastia Surgery in Anakapalli - Low Cost Male Breast Reduction Treatment

Why is the problem of Gynecomastia/Male Breasts Increasing in Boys?

Gynecomastia surgery in Anakapalli is having an upward trend these days as this male breast reduction surgery is becoming the most popular choice and need for the boys. Studies have revealed that this condition is happening more in boys than men. This stubborn fatty issue is happening to males in their teenage. There can be various reasons for the rise in this problem in the young males.

Most common reasons for Gynecomastia in boys

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast in the males. It is the embarrassing condition for men as their breast has more feminine appearance than masculine so men want to have an ideal procedure for the correction of their boobs that appear like females but before knowing about the treatment options it is important to know about the root causes for this condition especially in young boys.

Male breasts get enlarged due to the imbalance of male and female hormone of their body. In some boys, during puberty level of male hormones, androgen gets reduced and the level of female hormone estrogen gets increased as result males have increased the size of their breasts.

However, the reason for the rise in the level of female hormone during puberty is not known but these female hormones are unopposed by the male hormones as a result of which the boys have prominent breasts. This condition of male boobs cannot be reversed naturally as the glands are laid down in chest area then they do not regress but with the stable level of hormones further development of these glands stops. Approximately 30% of boys are suffering from Gynecomastia due to this imbalance of male hormones in their body.

Childhood obesity is also one prominent reason for the enlarged breasts. In the urban era mostly children are foodie and they love to eat junk food enriched with a higher level of calories but they do not have any physical exertion to do so, as a result, they could not burn their calories and these get deposit in the various areas of body like thighs, arms, neck, abdomen, hips and even in the chest areas.

These are prime reasons for the increase in the problem of Gynecomastia in the boys, however, there can be some other unknown reasons also. For the correction of their breast mostly boys choose the Gynecomastia surgery so that they can restore their masculine personality and have the breast that appears like males.