FACELIFT PROCEDURE - What happens before, after and during the surgery?

FACELIFT PROCEDURE – What happens before, after and during the surgery?

FACELIFT PROCEDURE - What happens before, after and during the surgery?

The facelift procedure is the common cosmetic procedure on which people are relying the most to enhance their facial appearance. So if you are also reading this blog because you want to undergo facelift surgery, then here are a few things that you should know:

What is involved in the facelift procedure?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to obtain a youthful appearance by beating the consequences of ageing like skin sagging and wrinkles.

Important information

The facelift surgery is accountable for targeting and treating the lower portion of the face which may include the following:

  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Jawline

What can you expect during the surgery?

  • The number and the type of techniques used will heavily rely on your cosmetic concerns.
  • Before beginning the procedure, the doctor may administer you with anaesthesia. Also, it is relevant to mention here that the type of anaesthesia used will also be dependent on your medical condition.
  • The type of technique will decide where the incisions are to be placed. Usually, the incisions are made either within the creases and around the hairline.
  • Usually, all the techniques which are used for the facelift must include the following:
  • Removal of the excess fat
  • Repositioning of the tissues
  • Lifting facial muscles
  • No sooner the procedure will be completed than the surgeon will seek the closing of the stitches with the help of the adhesives.

How far will the recovery period go?

  • The overall recovery period lasts no more than a period of 2 weeks. During that period you have to endure the following:
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tightness

Just Ponder over it

At the cost of the slight discomfort, you can obtain a youthful appearance.

  • Scarring after the procedure is quite common. So do not get worried, if such a thing happens as it will fade away on its own gradually with time and within the recovery period.
  • You have to wait for at least two to three months after the procedure.

How should you find the ideal plastic surgeon?

The plastic surgeon is supposed to be certified by the board. If he is not certified, then you should bever consider him for undergoing the procedure.

A little point to note

When you are finding the surgeon, make sure you are relying on the one who is skilled in the particular procedure.

How should you prepare for the procedure?

Take care of the following points before undergoing the procedure:

  • As the doctor will suggest you give yourself a complete rest then you should hire a maid beforehand who would help you to cook the meal.
  • Call someone at your place who will help you to render your responsibilities for a few weeks.
  • You should follow the necessary instructions which the doctor has guided you with. Following these instructions will help you to obtain the desired results from the procedure. Also, no such huge discomfort is experienced during the procedure.

Why should you consider Dr VJs cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre for undergoing the surgery?

You must consider Dr VJs cosmetic surgery and the hair transplant centre for undergoing the surgery because:

At our clinic, the procedure is performed by board-certified professionals.

  • The use of the latest technology is done to perform the surgery.
  • The patient is given due care after the procedure.
  • The doctors provide the individualistic treatment plan based on the medical needs of the individual.
  • The responsibility of our doctors is not only limited till the procedure is performed. Rather the doctors also conduct a few follow up sessions after the procedure which to track the results of the patients.